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How To Backup & Restore Push Certificates On Hacktivated iPhone [Cydia]

As is apparent from our guide on enabling push notifications, iMessage and FaceTime on hacktivated iDevices, if your phone isn’t activated via iTunes, push notifications and some other features won’t work for you. While you can use our guide to get the vanishing features back, they will disappear once again as soon as you upgrade to a newer version of iOS. Not anymore! With Certificate Backup, you can create a backup of your push and YouTube certificates with complete ease. Not only that, this Cydia app comes with the option to let users inject the backed up certificates back into their jailbroken and hacktivated iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, thus saving you from having to perform all the complicated steps involved in getting push notifications up and running on a hacktivated device.

Certificate Backup Home Certificate Backup Certificate Backup Inject

Using Certificate Backup is really easy, and requires you to do nothing more than launching the app and hitting a button. The app comes up with just two options in its main menu. With the Backup Certificates button, you can store push and YouTube certificates at the following location

The backup created by the app is in ZIP format, and if you are afraid of losing your jailbreak, you can just export the compressed file via email from iFile.

In case you already have the required certificates stored somewhere, place them on the previously discussed location in the Library via iFile, and once you have done that, hit the Inject Certificates button in Certificate Backup. The injection of new certificates will require users to reboot their iDevice. To test if the certificates have been deployed to your device correctly, go to the App Store and install an app named “iPusher” (available for free). iPusher has the ability to send test push notifications to the device it has been installed on. Certificate Backup is a free app, and you can download it on your iPhone or iPad from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. Before using the Cydia app though, you will have to remember that Certificate Backup will not make push certificates appear magically out of thin air, and you will need to have working push on your iPhone before you can save the certificates for future restoration. So, the best way to use the tweak is to first enable the missing features via SAM, and then let Certificates Backup work its magic.

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