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How To Customize Your Trainer Avatar In Pokèmon Go

When Pokèmon Go was released, it had limited features. The app was built well enough so you could play the game easily but there were quite a few other things left wanting. The trainer avatar, for example, couldn’t be customized once you created it at the very start of the game. You had to either pay attention to how your avatar looked the first time around, or just resign yourself to however it turned out because you couldn’t be bothered investing the time to make it. As of a recent update to the Pokèmon Go app, version 1.1.0 for iOS and version 0.31 for Android, you can now customize your trainer avatar any time you want. Here’s how.

Open Pokèmon Go and tap your trainer avatar at the bottom left of the screen. Niantic has made quite a few UI changes to the app. Your profile screen now has a floating button at the bottom right for accessing additional options. The ‘Journal’ option has been moved inside it. Tap the floating button and you will see two options inside; Journal, and Customize.

pokemon-go-avatar pokemon-go-customize

Tap the Customize button and you can customize your trainer avatar down to its gender, you know, in case you got it wrong the first time. We’re not 100% sure about this but it seems the game has more options to choose from in the customization menu this time around so you will probably end up with a more impressive avatar.

When you’re done customizing the avatar, tap the little check mark button at the bottom right to save the changes. Your avatar will be updated. If you control any gyms or have joined a gym, your new avatar will be updated all across the board.

pokemon-go-customize-avatar pokemon-go-new-avatar

This is great and promising news. It’s likely Niantic will later allow users to switch teams if they want. Perhaps which team you’re a part of will matter more in later updates. The point is, the company is working on customization options. We wouldn’t say no to a few different skins for the map either, perhaps one that doesn’t tax the battery so much would be a good idea.

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