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How To Enable And Disable Threaded View In The Mail App In iOS 10

The Mail app in iOS 10 has a new threaded view. This threaded view has been migrated from the Mail app in macOS. What it essentially does is that it lets you see all emails sent and received in a single threaded conversation. If you’ve ever used Gmail on your phone or the web, you know exactly what this looks like. The execution is slightly different in iOS 10 in that you have to tap a little button to expand the thread but the concept is the same. Threaded view keeps older emails that belong to the same conversation from being buried. Here’s how you can enable or disable threaded view in the Mail app in iOS 10.

Open the Settings app and scroll down to the Mail app’s preferences. Scroll down to the newly added ‘Threading’ section. Turn ‘Organize by Thread’ On to enable the threading view.

You can sort the messages within a thread so that the most recent email received appears at the top. To do so, turn On the ‘Most Recent Message on Top’ option.

The ‘Complete Threads’ option, when enabled, will let you view all messages in a thread even if you’ve moved some of them to a different inbox.

ios-10-mail mail-threaded-view

The threaded view was well received on macOS but iOS users aren’t responding as positively to it. When you upgrade to iOS 10, the threaded view is enabled by default. The first time you open the Mail app, you will therefor be greeted by a slightly different interface.

You can turn threaded view Off though. Simply turn Off the ‘Organize by Thread’ option. The other options don’t turn Off automatically nor are they disabled when you switch the threaded view Off.


  1. THANK YOU! What a horrible, illogical feature this is. Nothing is in chronological order. This should have been off by default, its not how e-mail is supposed to work.

  2. It is really bad. Why would anyone want to manage email by scrolling through entire messages that are not in chronological order? Huge downgrade in iOS10.

    • I found this thread view is gone since iOS 10 beta, I though it would come back with the final version…

      Now my boss is asking what the hell is Apple thinking… he has an email with many people replying and he would never able to finish it…

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