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How To Send Disappearing Photos And Videos In Instagram

There’s no pretending Instagram isn’t taking feature hints from Snapchat. The ripoff is blatant and likely to continue until one app buys the other out. The latest feature that Instagram has copied from Snapchat is disappearing photos and videos. You can send an auto-expiring photo or a video to an Instagram account that you follow and that follows you back. The account will be able to view it once and never again. You can add text and draw over an image before sending it.

Sending Disappearing Photos & Videos

To send a disappearing video or photo to an Instagram friend, tap the camera button at the top left of the home screen. Swipe up to select a photo or video from the camera roll. Alternatively, you can capture a photo or record  video with either the front or rear camera.

instagram-disappearing-photos instagram-disappearing-photos-1

Draw over your photo if you want, and then tap the little arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Select your recipient and send it.

instagram-disappearing-photos-2 instagram-disappearing-photos-3

Viewing Disappearing Photos & Videos

When you receive a disappearing photo or video, a little photo button appears at the top of your inbox to indicate which account sent it to you. When you tap it, it will begin playing immediately and play/stay on your screen for eighteen seconds. After that, it is gone. You have the option to reply to the photo/video in kind i.e. with a disappearing photo or video of your own.

instagram-disappearing-photos-4 instagram-disappearing-photos-reply

Disappearing photos and videos are a conversation of their own. They will not appear in a direct message thread in your inbox. You will be able to tell when your photo/video has be viewed by your recipient. You can only send and receive these disappearing messages from an account that you follow and that follows you back. This should effectively prevent spam.

In the weeks to come, Instagram will also be rolling out a live video feature. It is more or less going to be like the live videos feature in Facebook but perhaps with filters.

Disappearing photos and videos have been made available to all users worldwide. If you don’t see them yet, make sure you’ve upgraded the app to the latest version.

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