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How To Use The Appraise Feature In Pokèmon Go

Pokèmon Go has received an update on both iOS and Android and a new feature called ‘Appraise’ has been added. Appraisals tell you if the Pokèmon you’ve caught are any good or not. The Appraisals come from your Team Leaders and tell you if a Pokèmon has noteworthy stats, if it’s good for battle or attack, whether its stats are good, and if its size is of any significance. To use the Appraisal feature, you must have upgraded the Pokèmon Go app to version 1.5.0 on iOS and 0.35.0 on Android. With that done, here’s how to get an appraisal for your Pokèmon and understand what it means.

Getting An Appraisal

Tap the red Pokèball  at the bottom of your screen and tap ‘Pokèmon’. Scroll through the list of all the Pokèmon you’ve caught and tap the one you want to get an appraisal for. Tap the floating hamburger button and select ‘Appraise’ from the menu.

It doesn’t matter if your Pokèmon’s HP is full or diminished after a battle. The appraisals are always given for the maximum stats the Pokèmon has.

pokemon-go-koffing pokemon-go-appraisal

Your team leader will appear and appraise your Pokèmon. We should mention that it isn’t clear if you must be part of a team in order to get an appraisal. At present, team leaders are the ones who assess a Pokèmon but it is possible Professor Willow will do it for you if you haven’t joined a team just yet. Tap your screen to go through the appraisal.

pokemon-go-appraisal-1 pokemon-go-appraisal-2

Understanding Appraisals

The leaders of each team user different language when appraising your Pokèmon. You don’t get any solid stats or anything but they do tell you if your Pokèmon is average or common as well as whether or not it’s good for battle etc. They also remark on the size of the Pokèmon. To make sense of what it means, check out the image below that has been put together by Reddit user eXeLe and is based on a detailed analysis by GamePress.


The appraisals can tell you, at a glance which Pokèmon to use in a battle however, if you’re going in for a major battle or trying to decide which Pokèmon to evolve, we don’t recommend relying solely on these Appraisals. You can use the appraisal to find out which of your Pokèmon are the best, and then take a close look at its IVs to determine which one you should evolve.

Appraisal via GamePress

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