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Masatu For Android & iOS: Create Photo Time Capsules At A Location & View In Augmented Reality

Fresh to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, Masatu is an innovative and fun-filled social photo-sharing app based on the concept of sharing location-based time capsules. A time capsule created via Masatu can be filled with photos as well as personal messages, and shared publicly, privately or just with selected friends. You can create multiple time capsules, and the content modification privileges of each individual one can be altered to allow or disallow anyone to add their own personal messages or photos to it. In either case, all the content within a capsule can be opened by the selected audience only at the time specified by the creator. Once a time capsule is unlocked, users can view the hidden content in a simple list, or enjoy shared moments through an interactive augmented reality view, provided they are present at the location of sharing at that very instance.

Time Capsule is just one of the core features of Masatu. It can serve as a handy real-time or scheduled event/photo-sharing app, too. The app supports batch selection of images, geo-tagging, map view, detailed log of past, current and upcoming events, and several customary social networking tools that one might need to share the best moments of their lives with their friends and family.


You can start enjoying the unique photo-sharing experience of Masatu by logging in to the app using your Facebook account. Once logged in, you’re presented with five main tabs on the app’s homescreen. As implied by its name, the Feed tab is where all your and your friends’ activities on the network are aggregated in a chronological order. By tapping the bubble button in the top-right side, you can view your Masatu notifications. It is also worth mentioning here that the app supports push notifications for all the Masatu activities that involve you and/or your friends.

The Discovery tab provides you with a chance to explore all the fun shared by your Masatu friends or other nearby app users who’ve shared their images publicly. Content under this tab can be explored by timeframe, location, map view or augmented reality view.


The Me tab on the app’s homescreen lists your personal Current and Past activities. It is also from the same screen that you can switch to the augmented reality view to explore all your personally shared content, be it the normal photo-sharing activities or the time capsules. Any editing/updating that you need to do to your existing moments (event) is also possible from the same screen. The app’s main Settings screen is all about checking your current sharing stats on Masatu, enabling/disabling the service’s push notifications, and logging out of the app.


Now to the most important tab of them all: Create. As mentioned earlier, each timeframe-based moment that you wish to share, you have the choice of tagging a desired nearby location along with it. The moment itself can be set to be shared publicly, privately or just with select friends. The app lets you share a fresh snap or import images present in your device’s galley. Along with each moment, you can insert a brief text description. Should you opt to share the moment via a time capsule, you’re prompted to specify its editing privileges. Once all aforementioned requirements are taken care of, all you need to do is hit the Save button to share the moment with the desired users.


In case of a time capsule, the users are presented with just the countdown after which the capsule can be unlocked. All images contained within a shared moment can be viewed in full-screen. Alongside each shared moment, you can view the number of participants, photos and comments. In addition, you can also view all the moments shared by your friends. That’s not all; each single moment can also be shared with active participants, with specific Facebook friends, or on your Facebook Timeline. Moreover, the app also lets you create a calendar event from a Masatu moment.

Since Masatu is currently in beta, so it comes as no surprise that it is available for download in both supported mobile app stores for free. Below are the download links to the app’s Android and iOS variants.

Download Masatu for Android

Download Masatu for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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