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Mickey Video Brings Free Mickey Mouse & Other Disney Cartoons To iOS

Disney’s iconic character Mickey Mouse (along with his group of friends, of course) has been an inseparable part of many childhoods for well over half a century. Not many people can look at an episode of Mickey and Friends without having a bout of nostalgia. Most TV channels these days aren’t too intent on showing some of Mickey Mouse’s classics, but with a little bit of effort, you can find almost any of those episodes online. There are even ways of getting some cartoon shows on your iPhone, with apps like NARR8 and Universal TV. Now, however, you don’t even have to bother searching the web to find stuff related to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald. Mickey Video has been released for iOS just days after Disney came out with the Where’s My Mickey game, but apart from the occasional ad for the game, the new app is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the world’s most famous talking mouse. There are video clips and full Mickey Mouse episodes (both new and old) on offer, and if there is any latest news from Disney regarding Mickey, this app is the best place to get it.

Mickey Video iPad Home

There is no sign up or login option in Mickey Video, and the app is ready to be used as soon as you launch it. The top section of the main page displays a list of featured episodes of Mickey Mouse. To go through this list, just swipe across the section horizontally. You can also choose a friend of Mickey’s and watch episodes related to them, or go through a more detailed collection of ‘Featured Videos’.

Mickey Video iPhone Character Mickey Video iPhone Menu

All main characters of the Mickey Mouse series have their own pages in Mickey Videos. From these sections, you can view full episodes that focus just on Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and others. To make the experience of using Mickey Video really personal, the app offers the option to add any particular video collection to your favorites. These bookmarked items can then be quickly accessed by hitting the button stowed away in the top-left corner of Mickey Video. From this menu, users also get to browse more videos and visit the official Disney page.

Mickey Video iPad Collectiom

Mickey Video is not just limited to letting you browse videos based on characters; there are some sections that present episodes after sorting them based on topics. Say, if you choose to view episodes for Goofy, there are some that are related to sports, while others follow the summer theme.

Mickey Video is mainly aimed at children, but nostalgic adults might also find it good for a laugh every once in a while. Give this free, universal app a shot by heading to the link below.

Install Mickey Video from App Store

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