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Dialapp For Android Magically Predicts Who You Want To Call Next Based On Context

Want your phone to predict who you are going to call whenever you pick it up to call someone? If your phone is running Android, you’ll be delighted to learn about Dialapp – an innovative call log and dialer application that comes with quite a few surprises. Dialapp is designed to predict the person you want to call based on your context, which can consist of time, calendar, location, conversations and so on, using your Google account to deliver these contextual predictions. So whenever you hit the call log, the name of the person you wanted to call “magically floats to the top”. The app doesn’t explicitly explain the technique it uses to make these predictions, but it can be pretty accurate. Details to follow after the jump.

To get started, you need to sign in using your Google account. The app allows you to integrate your Google+ and phone contacts. You can also use Dialapp without signing in to your account, but that would like totally defeat the purpose it’s designed for, since it won’t be able to make contextual predictions.

DIalapp Sign In Dialapp SignIn

After signing in, the app will bring present you with its dialer interface that looks pretty close to the stock Android 4+ dialer, and you can tap the tabs or swipe sideways to switch among dialer, log and contacts the same way you can do it in the stock dialer. Dialapp does require  a few days of usage to start making accurate predictions for you, because it needs contextual data about the calls you make at different places, occasions, time and dates. Using these patterns, it tries to make precise predictions. The app can also be used as a standard replacement to your regular Phone app, as it has all the functions required to make calls, save contacts etc. Due to its design, you won’t likely even feel you’re using a third-party dialer, if you’re on stock Android.

Dialapp Dialer Dialapp-Log_

But don’t expect too much from Dialapp in terms of predictions from the very start, as they will vary depending on your usage. For instance, if you keep calling the same person at different times or usually stay in the same location for the most part and call a lot of people from there, then the resulting predictions may end up being quite inaccurate.

The Settings menu of the app lets you log out from your Google account, as well as delete your context map.

Dialapp-Fav_ Dialapp Settings

Dialapp is available at Google Play Store for free. You can download it via the link provided below.

Install Dialapp from Play Store

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