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futureful Is A Great Way To Randomly Browse The Web On Your iPhone

The release of iOS 7 beta has triggered a lot of debates regarding the effects it will have on the UI of different apps. Although the final release of iOS 7 is still a few months away, it looks like some developers have already started revamping their apps after taking ideas from the upcoming changes. futureful has been around in the App Store as an iPad-only app for the past few months, and has earned a lot admiration for the unique concept it offered. The app can be considered the opposite of Flipboard, as instead of letting you follow particular sources, futureful just presents posts based on the interests you choose in each session. The latest update of the app hasn’t changed many of the features in futureful, but the UI has been given a complete iOS 7-like overhaul, and made available for iPhone and iPod touch as well.

futureful iOS futureful iOS Flower futureful iOS Story

futureful is ready to spring into action as soon as it is launched for the first time. The app displays a few random circles on the screen, with different topics written in each. To get started, just tap one that seems interesting. If none of them do, just drag a circle off the screen, and futureful will display a new item in its place.

Once a main topic has been chosen, its subcategories show up. If you are not satisfied with the results shown by futureful under the main category, you can combine two circles by tapping them one after the other. This combination is only available for a category and one of its subgenres. To reveal more subgenres, the same dragging gesture works.

Once a category or combination has been chosen, the beginning of a news story pertaining to the selected topic shows up in the bottom half of the screen. To read it, swipe the article upwards. You can click the links that appear in the story, or navigate to any part of the source website within the app. The sharing options for each post include email, SMS and social media. It is also possible to copy a page’s link and share it through other means.

Not a lot of people are likely to find futureful an app that satisfies their every news-related need, but overall, the app is highly entertaining and perhaps with some more personalization options, it can dethrone some of the bigger names in the news genre.

futureful is a free and universal app, and you can give it a go by heading to the following link.

Install futureful from App Store

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