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Mirrorgram Is An iPhone Camera App That Focuses On Mirror Effects

At first glance, Mirrorgram For iPhone might appear to be an app that you would rarely use on your iPhone, but use it once, and you are sure to realize how fun it really is. There are so many types of photo editors available in the App Store, that nothing related to that genre should surprise most people anymore. However, Mirrorgram’s effects and their implementation is rather unique. Sure, the app has all the usual filters (vintage, sepia, etc.), but the real fun begins when you delve into its mirror features. While within the viewfinder you can mirror any half of the scene in real-time, simply by swiping across the screen. Not only that, the developer has even added a tilt-shift effect to the mix.

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Mirrorgram launches to its viewfinder (or camera view), so that you can begin snapping pictures straight away. You may also import existing pictures from your photo library.

The image or scene is displayed effect-less by default, but you can change that by hitting the ‘M’ icon at the top of the screen or using the app’s native gestures. The gesture is extremely easy to work with. Simply tap and hold anywhere within the scene, and start dragging your finger around in a circle. This rotates the orientation of the line that separates the actual half of the image from the mirrored one. The same line rotates in a full circle if you keep hitting the ‘M’ button. The button in the top-right corner lets you can switch between front and rear cams. If you want to use images from your camera roll, tap the gallery icon at the bottom.

Once you are done setting the mirror effect, and have captured the photo, you can adjust and stylize it further in the next screen. You can pinch to zoom in (effectively crops the image), drag one or the other half of the image to pan (adjusts how much of the image is mirrored) and change the orientation of the mirror effect once again, through the same gesture.

Apart from that, you have a respectable collection of free and paid photo filters displayed along the bottom edge of this screen, while the aforementioned tilt-shift effect can be selected from the top of the screen. The tilt-shift effect isn’t like the one Instagram sports. Although it has linear and radial variants, it’s non-adjustable. That is, the position of the effect in each case remains fixed.

Photos you create using Mirrorgram can be saved to your device, or shared over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the app’s own network, StageBloc. Mirrorgram is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded for free.

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