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How To Set Notifications To Deliver Quietly For An App On iOS 12

All app notifications aren’t the same. A notification from Candy Crush isn’t as important as an email. Up until now, iOS users have had the option to turn off notifications from less important apps, and allow only those that they cannot afford to miss. With iOS 12, Apple gives users a new way to get notifications that is far less distracting. For less important apps, you can choose to have notifications delivered quietly. What this means is that the notification will not appear on your lock screen, and on your home screen if your phone is unlocked. It will however appear in the notification center. Your screen won’t turn on as often saving battery life, and it will be less distracting, Here’s how to enable deliver quietly for an app.

This setting is set on a per-app basis. You can quickly enable deliver quietly for an app from the notification center, or you can enable it from the Settings app.

Deliver Quietly From Notification Center

To enable, or disable deliver quietly for an app from the notification center, you must have a notification from the app present there. Swipe down to open the Notification Center and swipe left on the app’s notification. Tap the Manage button. From the menu that appears, tap Deliver Quietly.

To disable Deliver Quietly, again swipe down and open the Notification Center. Swipe left on the notification and tap Manage. From the menu, select Deliver Prominently.

Deliver Quietly From Settings App

Open the Settings app and go to Notifications. Tap the app you want to enable or disable Deliver Quietly for. An app, by default, can deliver notifications to your lock screen, to the notification center, and to your home screen.

If you disable delivering notifications to the lock screen and to the home screen i.e., banner, you will have enabled deliver quietly for that app. To disable it, enable all three types of notifications for the app.

Apple is changing a few things with notifications in iOS 12. You can group notifications by type on iOS 12, and you can choose where they’re delivered.

Delivering notifications quietly will reduce distractions for users but they won’t miss notifications. They can always be checked from the notification center. Where this will reduce distractions, it will also help your device’s battery last longer. If your screen isn’t waking up for unimportant notifications, the battery will last longer. You’re not going to double your battery life but it will help.

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