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Official Pastebin App Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Pastebin is essentially the web’s notepad – used by millions regularly for sharing their plain text and code snippets with others. And now everyone’s favorite ubiquitous text pasting and sharing service has an iOS app. Released recently for both the iPhone and the iPad, the app allows you easy access to Pastebin from your iOS device on the go. Read on for our complete hands-on review.

For those of you who had been using Pastebin’s web interface on your phones so far that has no mobile-optimized version available, this brings major changes to how you can use the service from your iOS device. The interface is pretty slick and intuitive to use. When first launched, it gives you a couple of hints on the user interface. The ‘News’ and ‘Trending’ sections show you what’s going on at Pastebin, and what other users are sharing.

Pastebin for iOS 01 Pastebin for iOS 02 Pastebin for iOS 03

The Paste section is where the action is. You are basically presented with a text input box where you can type or paste the text that you want to share. Once done, simply hit the Paste button and your text will be ready for upload. You can also tap-and-hold on the Paste button to bring up a menu that lets you choose between Paste and Clear as the two options, so that instead of manually deleting everything, you can simply hit clear in case you want to start over.

Pastebin for iOS 10 Pastebin for iOS 11

Before you decide to upload your text, you can also set a few options by typing the icon on the top-right, including the Syntax mode (with support for over 200 languages), paste expiration (never, 10 minutes, an hour, a minute or a day), and paste privacy (public, unlisted or private). Note that for private pastes, you need an account, but anyone can register on Pastebin for free at the offical Pastebin website, or even from within the app. Once all good to go, just hit paste to see the options for sharing the post that include URL copying (for direct sharing)l, email, viewing it in browser or any other specific app, or lastly, message or tweet about it to your fellow buddies.

Tapping on ‘My Pastes’ or ‘My Account’ for the first time brings up the login interface, where you can sign in with your Pastebin account credentials. Once signed in, you can access a list of all your past pastes in the ‘My Pastes’ section, with pull-to-refresh functionality for all the pastes that you keep on adding from other devices.

Pastebin for iOS 04 Pastebin for iOS 05

You can also decide to open any past paste from here, and not just view it but also get detailed information on it.

Pastebin for iOS 13 Pastebin for iOS 14

Lastly, the ‘My Account’ section gives you quick, easy access to your account data as well as many of your account settings such as the default syntax, expiration and privacy options for the uploads from your device, along with the maximum number of pastes to show in the ‘My Pastes’ section.

Pastebin for iOS 15

The tablet version has the exact same options, only in a more tablet-friendly UI that brings all the options in front for you to select right when you need them, and takes almost all of them away whenever not required, giving you a big canvas with lots of empty spaces to work from.

Pastebin is available for free at iTunes app store and works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you need to paste or share large chunks of text (or even small chunks, but with a rather large organization, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Download Pastebin for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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