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NotiQuiet Automatically Disables All Notifications While You’re Using A Particular App [Cydia]

There are Cydia tweaks that turn off iOS notifications via a single Notification Center toggle, like DoNotDisturb, and then there are those that disable the Notification Center as soon as you launch an app that runs in full screen mode. While those tweaks are certainly useful in their own right, they are not as useful and customizable as the newly released NotiQuiet. This Cydia tweak doesn’t rely on a fixed parameter (like entering full screen mode) to disable notifications, nor does it act as a universal notification blocker. With NotiQuiet, the user gets the freedom to define the apps for which all iOS notifications need to be silenced; the tweak does so automatically, whenever said apps are running. You can select any app, system or third-party, and the tweak makes sure you aren’t disturbed by any notification while using the chosen apps. If you are playing a game on your iPhone, and a new notification appears, your progress might be hampered, or the app might slow down. That’s a situation that can be avoided thanks to NotiQuiet.

NotiQuiet NotiQuiet App List

NotiQuiet is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for free on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Once it has been installed, the tweak will display a notification, stating that you can configure NotiQuiet via the tweak’s menu in the Settings app. The NotiQuiet menu is quite simple, and has just two main options. The first one is to enable the tweak, and the Choose Apps menu lets you select the apps that demand a distraction-free environment. You can toggle on each and any app you want, and NotiQuiet will become active for it straight away. The app list within the tweak’s menu is updated as soon as you download a new app to your iDevice. The best thing about NotQuiet is the fact that it gives you complete command over your iOS device’s notifications. While you will not see banners or alerts while using the chosen apps, the incoming notification won’t be lost even then, as you will be able to access them later via the Notification Center.

It is possible to change the chosen apps at any time, and you can select any number of apps to be silenced. So, if you like to have complete control over the features of your device, and are a fan of automation, do give NotiQuiet a try, as this free tweak won’t disappoint you in accomplishing everything it claims to do.

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