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ProCam: iOS Camera App With Face Detection, Volume Flash & More

The iOS 6 panorama mode might have won over a lot of iPhone users, but apart from that one feature, Apple has left the Camera app practically untouched. While the app has always been good to use when in a hurry, you have to rely on third-party apps if you need features like automatic timers, multiple alignment grids and the choice of image resolution. While there are many third-party Camera replacement apps available in the App Store, we haven’t come across one as comprehensive and fun to use as ProCam in a long time. Unlike many other apps in its category, ProCam keeps things simple by fully focusing on being a perfect camera app, and doesn’t offer any image editing options. The camera features are numerous, but are laid out in a way that is easy to understand. ProCam offers both video and image capture, and the interface is constructed just like a real cam (complete with dials and knobs). The app comes with a lot of camera activation options, including face detection, anti-shake and the hitting of the volume keys.

ProCam iOS Controls ProCam iOS Settings

Before you start shooting photos and videos using ProCam, it is better if you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with its controls and other settings. Hit the Menu button after launching the app, and you will be taken to the ProCam settings screen. The Style tab will let you change the theme of the app, but the real options are located in the Set area.

  • Volume Snap: Turn this toggle on to get the ability to start shooting with a single tap of the ‘+’ volume key.
  • Volume Torch: Need some light? Hit the ‘-‘ volume button on your iPhone.
  • Face auto snap: With this option turned on, ProCam snaps a photo as soon as a face comes into its range.
  • Geo tagging: Toggled on by default.
  • Zoom: Rotate the knob sticking out of the control dial to zoom in and out.
  • DISP Status Bar: The top of the screen will show the remaining battery of your iDevice, and other settings you have chosen for the current session.
  • JPEG quality: 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 are the available levels.
  • Sensitivity: For the anti-shake mode. Better to keep it at medium unless you are sitting absolutely still.

Apart from these, there are other more common options available in the menu as well.

ProCam iOS Camera Options ProCam iOS Camera Focus

Once you are satisfied with the basic settings of ProCam, you can begin shooting videos and photos. That’s not all for the app’s list of options and settings, though, and there is a secondary settings grid on the preview screen. From there you can change the alignment grid type of the camera, choose image resolution, aspect ratio and flash settings. Camera modes (discussed in the app’s settings) can be changed using the dial on the main ProCam screen. The image viewer in the app is quite simple, and offers no options other than slideshow and sharing of photos via email.

ProCam is a universal app, and has gone free for a limited time. The images snapped via the app are stored as lossless JPEGs, and the camera offers 6x zooming. You can download this feature-rich and gorgeous camera by heading to the following link.

Download ProCam For iOS

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