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RecordMyScreen Is A Free Alternative To Display Recorder For iPhone

With the passage of time, it becomes impossible for any popular iOS app to maintain its monopoly in the App Store. Sooner or later, there are bound to be some competitors out there, trying to outdo the older apps in terms of functionality and interface. It might have taken a long time, but the Display Recorder app finally has a worthy alternative. For a brief period of time, Ryan Petrich’s screen recording app did have a clone in the App Store, but Apple pulled it pretty quickly. Now, however, RecordMyScreen has been released in the Cydia store, and it is anything but a clone of Display Recorder. The app records your iPhone’s screen for as long as you want, and uses your device’s microphone to provide audio in a separate file. Both the video and audio files can then be exported to the camera roll or other compatible apps installed in your device from within RecordMyScreen.

RecordMyScreen iOS Home RecordMyScreen iOS Settings

RecordMyScreen is a new release and does not come with a lot of options yet. Using the app is really simple, as it’s main screen has just two buttons: ‘Record’ and ‘Stop’. Unlike Display Recorder, you can’t configure the app to start recording using a gesture, so for now, all the videos shot using RecordMyScreen will have to start with a shot of the app’s home screen. Before you get down to business though, it’s better to check if there is any need to make changes to the app’s settings. It is possible to capture the video in native iOS resolution or half of that. When it comes to orientation, all four combinations that are available in iOS are supported by RecordMyScreen. For audio, channels and sample rate can be selected.

RecordMyScreen iOS SpringBoard RecordMyScreen iOS Export

While recording your screen outside the app, there is an omnipresent, pulsating red bar at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, this bar shows up in all the captures, and there is no way of disabling it. Having said that, the bar is invisible in full screen apps, so this might make the problem less extreme for most users.

RecordMyScreen captures audio via the microphone of your device, but the developer has promised to add support for system audio in the future. The audio and video files can be accessed from the ‘Recordings’ section of the app, and you can export them both by hitting the blue arrow icon next to their names. The video is captured in MP4 format, while the audio is in CAF.

Display Recorder might be more feature-rich when pitted against this new release, but you have to bear in mind the price difference between the two. DR costs $4.99, while RecordMyScreen is a free and open-source app. If you have a developer account, you can run the app on non-jailbroken devices, but ordinary users need access to the Cydia store if they want to create screencasts for free. RecordMyScreen is available in the BigBoss repo, and works with iOS 5 or later firmware versions.

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