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Discover Fun Places Recommended By Friends With Scoopt For Android & iOS

Looking for a simple location discovery app that helps you easily find the best nearby and worldwide amenities recommended by your very own friends? You might want to give Scoopt a try. Utilizing the trusted and widely used services of Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare, Scoopt is a free location discovery social app for Android and iOS that claims to offer the best recommendations for interesting places to eat, drink, shop, sleep and visit. It does so by presenting crowdsourced location-based information from actual visitors, app users and your friends instead of fake advertisers and promoters. The app sports arguably the best interface that we have seen in a while. In just a few taps, you can end up finding some of the most fascinating places to spend your weekend, or you may let your friends know about a nice little food spot you’ve just discovered in town. The app’s Holo-ish UI is curated in a way to help you easily explore all the recommended places by their order of submission, proximity, categories or a point of interest anywhere on the map.


Scoopt uses Facebook for login and content sharing purposes. Instagram integration allows the app to fetch gorgeous geo-tagged images relevant to your select places, while the app’s location discovery and sharing feature works in combination with Foursquare. Needless to say, the app’s integration with Google Maps allows you to track exact locations of shared places on maps.


First of all, you’ll be required to log in to the app using a Facebook or Scoopt account. New users can register for an account from within the app for free. Past the login phase, you’ll be greeted by the app’s timeline that lists the latest activities performed by various Scoopt users from all over the world. As mentioned earlier, each post is supplemented with images powered by Instagram, location info (check-ins and all) powered by Foursquare, geographical positioning powered by Google Maps and user profiles powered by Facebook (only in case of your Facebook friends).

The buttons at the top as well as the app’s sidebar allow you to quickly navigate to other location discovery modes supported by the app. As you can see in the screenshots below, the sidebar allows you to share new places, invite new friends, log out of the app, and explore Scoopt spots by latest, nearest, map or category.


Each spot featured on Scoopt is represented on Google Maps by a relevant placemarker, helping you to know at a glance whether the spot is meant for eating, drinking, shopping, entertainment or dwelling. If you wish to filter out locations by their respective categories, just head over to the app’s Explore section, tap one of the six supported categories and you’re good to go!


In case you’re looking to share some favorite location of yours via Scoopt, you’re presented with the option to pick a listed place from the Foursquare directory. Next, you can specify a category for the place, compose a brief review, rate it accordingly, and pick a handful of images fetched from Instagram to tag along with your post. Each post you submit via Scoopt can also be shared on your Facebook Wall.


All in all, Scoopt happens to be a fun app that does its job in the simplest yet quite effective manner. Though, we’d love to see it expand with the passage of time, and add more features such as checking-in to your favorite places, snapping custom images & videos natively, widgets for your home and lock screens, and the ability to share the places on other renowned social networks like Google+, Twitter and others.

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  1. Hello, CEO of Scoopt here. Big thank you from everybody at Scoopt for your fantastic review! New Android release of Scoopt out today and new iPhone version will be packed with new ways to find your freinds next week. Thanks again for reviewing us 🙂

  2. It is one of the most recommended app that everyone have in their mobile especially the travelers and tourists. It would definitely help them when they are in unknown places.

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