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Sticky Icky Keeps iOS Notification Banners On Screen Till Dismissed

Almost all major iOS apps offer support for push notifications to some extent, and these real-time alerts are specially important for social networking, instant messaging, news and task management apps. As is the case with most areas of iOS though, users don’t get full control over these banner notifications; they appear for a predefined amount of time, forcing many people to repeatedly visit Notification Center even if they take their eyes off their iPhone for just a few minutes. Sticky Icky can change that, and do even more for your iPhone. This newly released Cydia tweak lets users control the duration for which notifications appear on the status bar; you can dismiss the banner as soon as it appears, or keep it pinned to the screen for hours.

Sticky Icky Cydia Sticky Icky Notification

At first, the concept behind Sticky Icky might not make to much sense, and it has to be admitted that some of the robustness of iOS’ notification system gets sacrificed by the use of this tweak. On the other hand, the inconveniences caused by Sticky Icky are minor enough when compared to its potential usefulness.

Once the tweak has been installed, just wait for a banner notification to appear on your iPhone. The overall look of the banner remains almost unchanged, but there is a small close button in its right corner. If the notification isn’t really important and merely reading its text is enough for you, you can make it go away by tapping the black cross. If you are busy at the moment though, and plan to get back to the notification later, just leave it untouched. Rather than just maintaining its entry in the Notification Center, Sticky Icky keeps the banner visible on the screen until you manually dismiss or tap it.

While a banner is pinned to your screen, no new banners will show up, but you can visit the NC to view newer notifications. Sticky Icky makes the pinned banners so persistent that even after you come back to the SpringBoard from lock screen, the notification reappears immediately.

The tweak is great for all users who are in the habit of forgetting all about notifications despite seeing their banners. Sticky Icky is a free tweak, and does not require any configuration. It is compatible with all jailbroken devices running iOS 5 and above. You can download Sticky Icky by heading to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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