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Swipe To Quickly Delete A Contact On iOS With OneByOne Contacts [Cydia]

Despite all its positives, iOS has a few really annoying features that have managed to stay in the OS for a very long time. One such nuisance is the contacts deletion button. If you want to delete a contact from your iPhone, iOS seems to oppose this change with all its might. The Delete button is so well-hidden in the stock Phone app, that it is a nightmare trying to remove multiple contacts from your iDevice. You have to open each contact page individually, hit the Edit button and then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Delete button. Why go through all this when you have OneByOne Contacts? It is a new Cydia tweak that lets users delete contacts quickly via a single swipe across contacts’ names. The tweak also lets you decide whether you want to remove a contact as soon as you swipe across it, or if you want the confirmation button to appear first.

OneByOne Contacts Settings OneByOne Contacts

By default, the confirmation feature of the tweak is turned off. You can control it by going to the stock Settings app and entering the OneByOne Contacts menu under Extensions. There are just two buttons in the tweak’s menu. The first one, marked Confirm delete, is a toggle that will make you hit the delete button after you have swiped, so that you don’t lose contacts accidentally. The other Status Bar button replaces the Groups button in the Contacts app with an Edit button that can also be used to delete contacts. If you don’t use groups on your iPhone and aren’t a fan of gesture control, this can prove to be a good option for you. We recommend that you keep the confirmation mode on, as otherwise it is pretty likely that you will end up deleting a lot of your contacts inadvertently.

OneByOne Contacts is a free tweak, and you can grab it by heading to the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. The tweak has no disadvantages, and adds a much-needed feature to iOS, and that’s why you should give it a try if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. One feature that is sure to make OneByOne Contacts even better is the ability to delete all contacts at once. Although there are separate tweaks just for that, it might prove to be a really useful feature if this tweak can let you do this.

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