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Tunity Is A Shazam-Like App That Sends TV Channel Audio To Your Device

Shazam is a very popular service that helps identify songs. All you need to do is let the service listen to a small snippet of what’s playing on the radio or on TV, or maybe blaring out from someone’s headphones, and it can correctly identify the song. Tunity is an app for iOS and Android that does something much like that but for TV channel audio. Think of any scenario where you’re sitting staring at a muted TV. The news might be on, a re-run of your favorite movie or series, or maybe just a really interesting documentary. Unfortunately, given the place you are, the audio is muted. That’s where Tunity comes in; it lets you scan the TV screen, and streams the audio from that channel directly to your Android device or iPhone.

To use Tunity, you must have an internet connection, a TV set (volume need not be audible), and you must sign up to use the service. You can use your Facebook account to sign up and log in to it. Once logged in, allow the app to use your current location and grant it access to the camera (Android users will give these permissions when they install the app). Point your device to your TV screen and tap to begin the scan. It takes only one second to scan the TV channel.


If detected correctly (and it was in our test), your audio will begin to play. If you scanned an unsupported channel or the app wasn’t able to figure out the channel you were watching, it will give you the option to do a fresh scan or manually enter the name of the channel you’re watching. You can control the volume, and bookmark the channel if you often listen to it on a muted screen. When you’re done watching/listening, tap the slashed out screen button to turn the audio stream off.

Tunity supports a lot of popular channels like AMC, TNT, the Food Network, ESPN, and more. Sadly HBO isn’t in the mix nor are a lot of channels that I get in my part of the world but you can submit the channel and request it be supported.

Tunity_tunned_in Tunity_channels

The app is pretty great for watching TV in a cafe or a gym, or even at an airport, provided you get free wi-fi.

Install Tunity From The App Store

Install Tunity From The Google Play Store

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  1. It would be fantastic if Addictive Tips could tell us which apps are US only and which apps can be used in non USA countries like Australia so we don’t waste our and your time.

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