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Unfold: Fold Away Your iPhone’s Lock Screen Instead Of “Slide To Unlock” [Cydia]

If you think every tweak in the Cydia store is there to add some useful new feature to your iOS device, you clearly haven’t seen enough of the jailbreak store. Cydia is all about customization. There are lots and lots of themes and cosmetic tweaks available there, and the latest to join them is Unfold. Just last week, a concept video made the rounds on the internet proposing an alternative to the familiar “Slide To Unlock” employed by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Unfold brings that concept to life, and using this tweak, you can bid a fond farewell to “Slide To Unlock”. If you are using Unfold, you will still have to swipe across the bottom of your device’s lockscreen, but instead of a moving slider, the whole screen will fold away like a paper, revealing the Home screen, passcode lock or any app that was opened when the device was last locked. Read on to know more about Unfold, and to see the tweak’s beautiful animation in our screenshots.

Unfold iOS Lockscreen Unfold iOS Home Unfold iOS Passcode

Once you have installed Unfold to your jailbroken iOS device, the tweak will take control of the lockscreen automatically after the post-installation respring. There is a menu for Unfold in the Settings app, but it lists nothing more than the developer’s contact details. To see Unfold in action, just lock your iDevice, and try to unlock it from the lockscreen. You have to swipe from left to right at the bottom of the lockscreen (would have been cool if the gesture worked anywhere on the screen), and the lockscreen will start to roll, following your finger’s movement. When the device has been unlocked completely, you will hear the familiar sound that usually accompanies unlocking in iOS.

Unfold won’t disturb your device’s passcode (if you have one set up) and will reveal any app instead of the Home screen if the app was opened at the time of locking. There isn’t any noticeable lag after the tweak’s installation, making it just about a perfect replacement for the stock iOS lockscreen. In case you still aren’t convinced if you should get Unfold or not, you can judge for yourself by giving it a try, as the tweak won’t cost you anything! You can download it from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, although you have to remember that Unfold doesn’t work for the iPad (in the works), and on other devices, you have to be on iOS 5 to enjoy the beautiful animation.

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  1. Just tried with my 3GS running iOS 5.1.1 and it fails 🙁 Sent to developer a note about. The only way do get the home screen was by clicking the camera button.

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