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How To View Blockades And Traffic Jams In Google Maps

Google Maps is the go-to app for getting directions. It’s more than just a navigation app though. The app can tell you if a specific place is open or not, what’s the best time to visit if you want to avoid crowds, and if a place has parking or not. It can also tell you if there’s a traffic jam or a road has been blocked and give you an estimate as to when it will open. Here’s how you can viewblockades and traffic jams in Google Maps.

Google Maps displays several different types of information. Each type has its own layer which has to be enabled if you want to view information from it. Traffic information on Google Maps is no different. It’s another kind of information layer that you need to enable to view traffic jams in Google Maps.

Traffic Jams And Blockades

Open Google Maps and tap the layers button at the top right, below the search bar. A menu will open with a selection of map types and map details. Tap Traffic.

Return to the map and you will see orange lines where the traffic is heavy. For particularly bad traffic situations where it’s jammed or where roads have been blocked completely, you will see red lines and stop signs. If you tap one of these signs, you can see when a particular road will open.

Report Closed Road

This is crowd-sourced data so if you come across a road that Google Maps says is closed, but it’s opened up to traffic, you can report it open.

Likewise, if you’re on a road that is closed but Google Maps has failed to identify it as such, you can report it closed. To report a closed road, tap and hold on it until Google Maps drops a pin and identifies the address. Once the address has been identified, swipe up on the address card and tap the ‘Report a problem’ option.

Under this option, select ‘Road closed’.

It doesn’t take just one person to mark a road blocked or open. It will take at least a few reports from different people before Google Maps marks a road open or closed. This may delay information getting out quickly but it’s also a deterrent to pranks. If Google Maps reported a road closed on just one or two reports, it’s likely a lot of people wouldn’t make it to school or work.

If you want to test this feature out and see how effective it is, look up your route home on Google Maps during rush hour.

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