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View iOS Apps Download Percentage & Disable Deletion While Loading

Downloading a large-sized app on iOS devices can prove to be a total nightmare at times. The download might get paused if you inadvertently touch the app’s icon once, or your Wi-Fi might become inactive without warning if you keep your iPhone in sleep mode for too long. Even if you ignore all these problems, the whole App Store download experience is not one of the neatest features of iOS. Although the blue download bar gives you a rough estimate regarding the remaining download time, it is not as good as having a concrete download percentage. That’s what AppCent is here for. The new Cydia tweak will display the percentage of downloaded content instead of the Loading moniker. If you want to make the App Store download procedure even more streamlined, give I’m Downloading a shot. This second tweak disables the delete button for all incomplete downloads, ensuring that you at least give the app a try before trashing it.

I'm Downloading Cydia AppCent Cydia iOS App Download Percentage

I’m Downloading

I’m Downloading is available as a free download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The app works its magic automatically, and comes with no configurable options or Springboard icon. After its installation, try downloading a new app on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. As soon as you enter jiggle mode, you are sure to notice that no delete button appears on the icon of the app that is currently being downloaded. You can still move the icon around, and other apps can still be deleted. So, if you hate it when your almost-completed download gets removed from your iDevice, give I’m Downloading a try.


AppCent is a Cydia tweak that is even more useful than I’m Downloading. Almost every iOS user is sure to appreciate the new functionality it brings to their device. Although the blue progress bar in app icons is useful, the text underneath the current incomplete downloads is pretty useless. This text is the thing that is targeted by AppCent. The tweak replaces the Waiting, Loading and Installing text with an exact download percentage. The best thing about AppCent is the fact that it lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. The blue progress bar remains unchanged, but it is now accompanied by the percentage indicator below the app icon. AppCent is really easy to use, and you can disable the tweak completely from the stock Settings app menu it adds to your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. The tweak is available as a free download in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

I’m Downloading might not be useful for many iOS users, but we highly recommend AppCent if you own a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, as it brings a functionality that should have been added to iOS by Apple in the first place.

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