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3 Apps To Change Mac Desktop, Save Icon Layout & Add Second Menu Bar

If you need a feature-rich image editor, or a really great app to edit and mash up videos, you wouldn’t normally go scourging for small apps, and you’d very likely be paying for what you need. For the bigger things you want to do on your Mac, there is a whole store full of them, but for smaller desktop managing needs, here are three apps that you might find useful. Secondbar lets you add a second menu bar to your Mac display, and you can extend it as a separate bar to a second monitor. The  bar can be dragged to any part of the screen, mirroring the original system menu bar in behavior. Desktop Icon Manager is a simple app that will memorize where you’ve positioned your icons, and will restore them to that point for you. Change Desktop is an app that lets you select several folders on your system, and display all images in them as wallpaper. The app expertly handles smaller photographs by complimenting the extra space with a color that brings the images out. More on these three after the break.


Secondbar is a simple app that you won’t need unless your display is extended to two monitors, but in the event that you are working with multiple displays, this app will add a second system menu bar to the top. You can control the menu bar’s opacity, make it draggable and have it launch automatically, even if only a single display is detected from the app’s preferences.

Second bar

Desktop Icon Manager

Desktop Icon Manager is useful if you often group the icons on your desktop to keep them organized. They may start out neatly at the beginning of the day, and later turn into a clutter, or you might have to change the way they are grouped. The app simply memorizes how the icons on your desktop are currently grouped; launch the app and click Memorize Icon Positions and then proceed to work normally. When you want to restore the icons to their previous position, click Restore Icon Position.

desktop icon manager

Change Desktop

Many might question the usefulness of this app, since you can define a folder and have the images within displayed turn by turn on your desktop, but the utility of this app is more for pictures that aren’t big enough to cover your entire screen. The app doesn’t just pick images from folders and display them on your desktop, but also picks out a suitable color from within the images, and uses it to cover any and all blank spaces. The app also lets you set the same wallpaper across all desktops.

Go to the app’s preferences and add a folder from Collections by clicking the plus sign in the lower left corner, select a folder and click Add Sources to add all images to that collection. From the Main Displays option, select which folder the app should show images from, how frequently the images should change, and how they should transition from one image to the other.

Change Desktop

While these apps are somewhat trivial in their functionality, they aren’t useless and might definitely be something you could put to good use.

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