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FindSpace: View Disk Space Usage On Your Hard Drive In Tree View [Mac]

A while back, we covered two apps, DaisyDisk and Disk Scanner, the former worth $9.99 and the latter free. Both apps scan your hard disk and show you how your hard drive’s space is used in a daisy graph. The graph, while extremely appealing to look at, is one of the non-traditional and lesser known graph types. If you’re a novice using either of these apps, you might not be able to make much sense of the graph itself. FindSpace is a free Mac app that does roughly the same thing DaisyDisk and Disk Scanner do, only it displays results in a simple tree structure, something computer users are more familiar with.

This app is basically a return to basics; neither complex menus or buttons, nor an influx of too much color. When you first launch the app, it will list the folders in your hard drive, both hidden and visible files (provided you have enabled viewing hidden files). Click the Scan Now button and wait as it analyses the space taken up by each folder and sub-folders. The time taken will depend on the size of your drive and the amount of space consumed.


Once the scan is complete, you will once again see a list of all folders. Click on the folder icon next to a folder and it will expand to reveal subfolders. Each folder will be labeled with its name, followed by the number of files and sub-folders within, and the total size of the folder. Clicking on the folder itself will open the folder in Finder and you can continue exploring it from there.

FindSpace tree view

While the interface isn’t something that will bow you away, it works perfectly. There is nothing complex for you to dig through, and disk space used is shown in simple MBs instead of block sizes. The app is best suited for those who prefer a simple descriptive view as opposed to a visualization.

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