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Xcode Stuck on Installing? We’ve got the Fix

Experiencing issues with Xcode stuck on installing on your Mac? No worries! Here’s a guide to smoothly navigate through the installation process.

Check Your Network Connection

  • Ensure your Mac is connected to a stable internet connection when installing Xcode on your Mac. A poor or unstable connection can often cause installation delays or failures.

Restart Your Mac

  • Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve many issues. Click on the Apple menu and select “Restart.”How to fix Xcode stuck on 'Installing' on macOS

Update macOS

  • Make sure your macOS is up to date, as older versions may have compatibility issues with the latest Xcode when installing.
  • To update macOS, go to “System Preferences” > “Software Update” and install any available updates.

Clear Space on Your Hard Drive

  • Lack of sufficient storage space can hinder the installation process and have Xcode stuck on install.
  • Check your available storage by clicking the Apple menu > “About This Mac” > “Storage.”
  • Delete unnecessary files or transfer them to an external drive.

Cancel and Restart the Xcode Installation

  • Open the App Store, find Xcode, and if it’s still stuck, cancel the installation.
  • Restart your Mac and try reinstalling Xcode from the App Store.xcode successfully installed on macos

Clear App Store Cache

  • Open “Finder,” click “Go” in the menu bar while holding the “Option” key, and select “Library.”
  • Navigate to “Caches/com.apple.appstore” and delete its contents.
  • Empty the Trash and restart your Mac.

Check for Background Processes

  • Sometimes background processes might interfere with the installation.
  • Open “Activity Monitor” and check for any unusual activity that might be affecting the installation.

Reinstall macOS

  • As a last resort, you might need to reinstall macOS. This won’t delete your personal files but will replace the operating system.
  • Restart your Mac and hold down “Command + R” to enter Recovery Mode, then follow the prompts to reinstall macOS.

Now you should know how to resolve Xcode when it’s stuck on installing. If the problem persists after trying these steps, you may need to contact Apple Support for further assistance. Remember to regularly back up your data to avoid any loss during troubleshooting processes.

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  1. The issue of Xcode getting stuck when installing is a common problem when installing from the AppStore. The problem, however, is that the AppStore progress indicator does a horrible job at alerting the user to the installation progress. The solution is to download Xcode and install it from the Apple developer portal instead. If you are already installing it from the AppStore, have a look at this link https://dirkstrauss.com/xcode-stuck-updating-m1-macbook-pro/ to see how to check the installation progress and for a solution to this issue. It’s not stuck, it’s just taking a really, really long time to install.

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