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How To Take A Screenshot Of The Touch Bar On A Macbook Pro

Screenshots have long been a standard feature on Apple’s devices. Both iOS device and Macs have the ability to take a screenshot of your display. Macs, being a desktop system, have far richer options for taking screenshots and the quality is exceptional. In stark contrast, Windows has always lagged behind in this regard. Even now, with Windows 10, users can only take a full screen screenshot. Apple’s latest line of Macbook Pros, all 2016 and above models, come with a Touch Bar. It’s a touch display that shows you different buttons based on the current app you’re working with. Apple has duly included a way to take a screenshot of the Touch Bar. Here’s how.

The keyboard shortcut for capturing a screenshot of the Touch Bar is Command + Shift + 6 i.e.


This will save the current buttons displayed on the Touch Bar as a PNG file on your desktop. If you want to copy the image to your clipboard instead of saving it as a PNG file, use the shortcut Control +  Shift + Command + 6 i.e.,



There’s been quite a bit of criticism targeted towards the Touch Bar in the Macbook Pro line, and at Apple. Many feel the Touch Bar is a gimmick. Early reviews say it’s not enough reason to upgrade your Macbook Pro but developers are adding support for it in their apps. There are also a few apps available that let you turn the Touch Bar into something a little fun such as Nyan Cat.

It’s worth mentioning that when you take a full screen screenshot of your screen via the Command + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut, the Touch Bar is not included. macOS treats it as a display device but doesn’t include it as a secondary display like it would if you had a second monitor connected to your Macbook Pro.

The screenshot shortcut works on macOS 10.12.2 which is still in beta at present. New Macbook Pros will automatically recieve the upgraded version so no real worries there.

via 9to5Mac

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