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Get The Popular iOS Control Center On Mac OS X [Paid]

It is rare that third-party apps replicate the functionality of Mac OS X, since there is so much it can do on its own. There are solutions like GeekTools that adds new elements to your Mac. However, Control Center is an app worth $10 that takes what Mac OS X can do and improves on it so much that you wonder how you could have lived without it all this time. It’s an app that brings Control Center from iOS to OS X, and beautifully so. You can take the app out for a test drive since it comes with a 7-day free trial but after that, you need to buy the app to continue using it.  Wow, is the word, we could have taken the time out to find more eloquent phrasing to sum up Control Center, but that won’t be necessary as ‘wow’ covers the entire spectrum of our feelings towards it. It genuinely looks like a window into iOS has opened up on your OS X desktop. Even though this is not Apple’s proprietary software, it will come as a surprise to no one if future OS X versions will start merging towards these elements.

Control Center - Screen

The app launches a control center in portrait mode which sits comfortably on the left of your screen. By default, it is a transparent screen featuring buttons reminiscent of iOS 7. This is customizable by right-clicking/ctrl + clicking control center’s menubar icon. On the top layer you can view connected devices, a sleep timer, WiFi switch, Bluetooth switch and brightness control slider, all of which, work flawlessly. On the bottom layer, you can launch iTunes, view system stats, view alarms, configure control center and jot down notes. The more options you enable, the taller the pane gets.

Control Center - UsageControl Center - MusicControl Center - Notes

Control Center not only gives you access to the above mentioned features, it also gives you a unique perspective on accessing these features as well. Much like iOS 7, everything is a gesture away. Gestures are already the corner stone of a Mac, but this makes it even more convenient.

Control Center - Feedback Control Center - Control

It is a very well assembled system, playing music shows the album art, the iOS 7 trademark typeface Helvetica Neue Thin, rumoured to also be the staple of OS X 10.10. The app comes with a 7 day free trial that can be activated through a $10 purchase, but this app feels worth it.

Control Center - Frosty Control Center - Black

In the interest of fairness, its default behavior is somewhat intrusive as the window pane, gorgeous as it is, sits on top of everything. In order to create this article, I had to move all of my windows a little to the right so I can work uninterrupted. If you can overlook that, then there are numerous operations that you can carry out without having to leave the window. After this, going to system preferences for something seems like such a trek now.

Download Control Center For OS X


  1. The iTunes controls would be pretty handy, as iTunes responding to the keyboard controls seems to be a ‘maybe’ a lot these days.

  2. What a good idea. I’m a little surprised Apple hasn’t done this yet. Looking forward to trying this out.

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