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Quickly Add Entries To Reminders App From Mac Menu Bar With Remind Me

Reminder apps are very common for just about all platforms, and Mac as well as iOS come with one that syncs over iCloud. This app, called Reminder, is rather basic; it allows you to group reminders by list and lets you set the priority level for each of them. There are various more as well as less sophisticated reminder apps available for Mac but if you just want a quick way to add reminders to the stock Reminders app, try out Remind Me. It is a free app available in the Mac App Store that’s built to make the process of adding reminders to the stock Reminders app easier. If you’ve used Reminders, you know that you can click an empty line in the app’s interface and start typing. The text you enter is immediately added as a reminder, no questions asked. And that is, perhaps, where the problem lies. Once the reminder has been added, you have to click on its information button to view/edit is due date. Where Reminders is extremely simple, it’s also slightly confusing and liable to make you forget adding a due date to your reminder. Remind Me aims to be the extended ‘Add reminder’ dialog box that Reminder never had.


Remind Me lives in the Menu Bar and can be called via the Shift+Command+Space keyboard shortcut by default. Enter a title for the reminder, and select the list you want to add it to, the date and time you would like to be reminded, and when the task is due. You can add a note to it as well, but there is no option to set the reminder’s priority. Click ‘Save’ and it will be added to Reminders. You need not even have Reminders running for Remind Me to save your tasks to it.

Remind Me

You can set which list Remind Me saves your reminders to by default from the app’s preferences. You can select your favorite or frequently used list as the default one, or set Remind Me to add reminders to the same list that the previous reminder was added to.

Remind Me pref

Technically, Remind Me is acting as a middle man between you and the Reminders app. and it’s likely that you will question why you would want to use it. That reason would be that Remind Me still lets you make use of OS X’s default  app that can sync over iCloud, but gives you an alternate interface to use it that’s quicker. This use of the app is subject to personal preference but if you’ve ever felt that adding dates or notes to a reminder can do with some improvement, Remind Me is the app to try as a viable add-on.

Download Remind Me From Mac App Store

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