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Show Invisible Files, Change File Permissions And Visibility In Mac

Unlike Windows Explorer, you cannot view meta tag information of a file, change access privileges and visibility in Mac OS X Finder. To change sharing and access permission and view meta information of items in Finder, Mac OS X users need to open Get Info dialog separately which makes it quite tiresome when multiple files properties are to be dealt with. Kilometre (formerly known as Kilometre Browser) is a small yet nifty file manager for Mac OS X to provide those options which are not present in Finder, such as, show and rename invisible files, switch between file visibility & lock and stationary attributes, change type and creator meta information and UNIX permissions, owner and group.

Apart from these much needed options, it offers file/folder copying conflict resolutions with option to view file creation date, modification and backup date. Kilometre lists down all desktop items in a tree-like structure on main interface.


The right-click context menu lets you open extended Get Info dialog to change file permissions and owner name, replace accessed and modified date with current date, etc. The General tab shows backup, modified and created, volume size and other numerous attributes. You can lock the file, make it invisible, enable Stationary Pad, and lock the file name.

kilometer (2)

Before you toggle the permissions, make sure you have logged in as system administrator. The Privileges window shows the extended file privileges dialog to change Owner, Group and Others access permissions.


Kilometre lets you easily navigate through system files and folders. It opens a folder in separate window which makes it easier to change attributes and permissions of files present in multiple folders. Kilometre works on Mac 10.6.3 or higher.

Download Kilometre

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