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Time & Manage Multiple Speakers In Meetings With presenterCue Server

A few years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introduced a method to let starts giving their acceptance speech at the Oscars know when they were taking too much time without announcing it in an obvious way; they simply played a specific music tune to indicate that their time was up. Of course, things aren’t as simple in the real world and trying to get someone to stop talking during a speech or meeting can be a formidable task in itself. Sadly we don’t have n app that’s going to get people to stop talking, but presenterCue Server is an excellent solution available in the Mac App Store for managing speech or presentation times for multiple speakers. It is free and can be used to rehearse timed speeches, group presentations, and manage meetings.

presenterCue Server lets you monitor time as it passes for each speaker, and allocate green, orange, and red zones to the time so that you can see how close a person is of speaking longer than the allocated time. While the timer is live, time can be paused for a speaker if there is any interruption, increased in case the previous speaker finished early, or penalized by the minute if the speaker is taking too long. You can add as many speakers as you want.

By default, four speakers are added, each with a ten-minute time slot for speaking. The time slots are divided in to three already for your convenience, but you can customize them easily. While you can’t increase the number of the time slot divisions here, you can customize their durations.

presenterCue Server

Double-clicking a speaker’s slot lets you assign a custom name to them, and customize the time for their time slot divisions. The app will calculate the total time automatically based on these divisions. You can also add a comment that might help you see at a glance what topic this particular speaker will be addressing, and any additional details that might be useful.

presenterCue Server speakers

If four speakers aren’t enough, you can add more by clicking the plus sign at the bottom, or delete any one of the four already added by selecting them and using the minus button.

The Play/pause button will start a speaker’s timer. You can also start any other speaker’s timer any time, and the current one will be suspended. The refresh button resets the timer, the plus one button increases the time for the selected speaker by one minute, and the up/down arrow next to it allows you to increase the increment amount. Likewise, the minus one button decreases the time and the decrease interval can be managed from the up/down buttons next to it. The large forward and back buttons allow you to quickly navigate between the speakers.

presenterCue Server is meant for people who have to mediate and conduct meetings, discussions, debates, speeches or presentations. It allows them to keep track of the time used, and manage its efficient allocation to all parties involved. From meetings to debating contests, presenterCue Server has a lot of practical application, though it can be improved further by adding audio alerts to signal when the time for a speaker is up.

Install presenterCue Server From Mac App Store

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