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World Clock is A Visual Time Keeping App With A Day/Night Tool [Mac]

The sheer volume of world clocks available to us might as well be countless. You would have to go as far back as the 70’s to experience a time where world clocks were not common. Because you can’t have globalization if you don’t know what time it is across the globe. There are apps like Advanced World Clock and World Clocks. They probably didn’t spend a lot of time coming up with the name for World Clock (seems to be the industry standard), but they can be forgiven because of how they approached this otherwise ornery idea once you look at the interface.

The app is available for free for a limited time, grab a copy while you can.

As for World Clock’s core function – one user review under the app’s download page put it so succinctly that it makes us wonder why such nano reviews aren’t more commonplace. They say, and I quote “Works as advertised”. An app named World Clock works as advertised. No finer description.

World Clock - Start Screen

The first impression is how the interface is flat and an aesthetically pleasing blend of black and green. At first launch, the app determines your location and marks you as Me. It comes preloaded with some default cities and a tutorial message. The function of the app extends beyond simple time keeping. The app comes with the option to add as many locations as you please; just press the + sign and enter a city. You can either scroll through your marked locations or look at them on the map. That’s not even the best part.

World Clock

The app comes with a slider with a range of 24 hours (plus minus). This slider has a bright region and a dark region. Locations that fall in the bright region are in day time and the dark regions are in night time. Locations in the left-most part of the bright region are represented in white in the location markers, indicating early morning. All of this means, that if you have a time bound appointment in another part of the world, you can drag this slider along to see what time it will be at your target location and if you leave your slider there, you can continue monitoring it, or you can press ‘Now’ and see what time it is right now around the globe.

World Clock

Though I wonder how the developers expect users to find this app, since it has the same name as almost any other World Clock app. More people should have this because World Clock is a unique app, it was created with a very specific purpose in mind. It does the job convincingly and easily, there are no complicated tabs to sift through either, all the information is one gesture away. The app is something anyone who organizes and attends video conferences a lot will appreciate as will a frequent traveller.

Download World Clock From the Mac App Store


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