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MYRIAD Add-on for Kodi – How to Install MYRIAD and Guided Tour

The MYRIAD add-on for Kodi is the latest offering from developer Dandymedia. It is a multi-scraper add-on that searches the Internet in real time for movies and TV shows streams. When you select a movie or TV show to watch, the add-on will scrape multiple sources on the Internet and show you all the results where you can select the exact stream you want to play.  And if a stream is no longer working, you have plenty of others to choose from.

Myriad Image

In this article, we’ll first show you how to get and install the MYRIAD add-on. Just like most add-on installations, it is a simple process. If you follow our detailed instructions, you’ll have the add-on installed in no time. Once we have installed the MYRIAD add-on, we’ll give you a guided tour of its main features. And to ensure you get the most out the MYRIAD add-on, we’ll also briefly talk about some settings you might want to adjust.

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Installing the MYRIAD Add-on for Kodi

Installing the MYRIAD add-on on Kodi is really no different from most other add-on installations. After adding the proper source to the File Manager, the Repository containing the add-on is installed from the source. Then, the actual add-on is installed from the just-installed repository. Follow our step-by-step instructions and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Before we Begin

If you’ve never installed third-party add-ons on Kodi before, you’ll need to enable Unknown Sources in the Kodi settings. Here’s how it’s done:

First, from the Kodi Home screen, click the Settings Icon at the top left of the screen. It’s the one that looks like a gear. Then, from the Settings screen, click System Settings. Click Add-ons on the left pane and, verify that the little switch next to Unknown Sources is ON. When it is, it will be white instead of grey.

Unknown Sources Enabled

If it’s not ON, simply click the switch to turn it on.

Adding the Installation Source Path

We’re now ready to begin the installation by adding the proper file source for the Dandymedia repository.

Back from the Kodi Home screen, click the Settings (gear) Icon.  Then, from the Settings screen, click File manager.

From the File manager screen, double-click Add source on the left pane.

File manager Screen

From the Add file source box, click <None>. Then, type in the following path exactly as shown “https://dandymedia.club/repo” and click OK.

Source path

Back to the Add file source box, click the line that says “Repo” below “Enter a name for this media source” and optionally type in a more meaningful name. This is the source for the Dandymedia repository so we named it “Dandy“. You can type any name you want. Just make sure to remember it for the next step.

Add file source box

Click OK to complete the addition of the file source and go back to the Kodi Home screen.

Installing the Dandymedia Repository

Dandymedia, the developer of the MYRIAD add-on has its own repository from which we’ll install the add-on. Let’s do that.

From the Kodi Home screen, click Add-ons on the left pane. Then, click the Add-on browser icon at the top left of the screen. It’s the one that resembles an open box.

Add-on Browser Icon

Now, from the add-on browser screen, click Install from zip file. Click the source you just added (the one we named “Dandy“) then click repository.dandymedia.zip. That will launch the repository installation.

After a short while, a confirmation message will pop up at the top right of the screen.

Dandymedia Repo Confirmation

Now that we’ve got the dandymedia repo installed, we’re ready for the actual add-on.

Installing the Actual MYRIAD Add-on

After completing the steps above, you should already be on the Add-on browser screen. All you have to do is click Install from repository. Next, find the Dandymedia Repository within the list and click it.

Dandymedia Repository

Next, within the Dandymedia repo, click Video add-ons and find and click the MYRIAD add-on.

MYRIAD add-on

The MYRIAD add-on information screen will open. Click the Install button at the bottom right to launch the installation of the add-on and all its dependencies.

MYRIAD Information

There are multiple dependencies to install with this add-on so you could see numerous messages at the top right of the screen throughout the process. Ultimately, the last of these messages will confirm the successful installation of the add-on.

MYRIAD confirmation

That’s it! The MYRIAD add-on installation is now complete. And we’re ready to have a look at it.

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A Look at the MYRIAD Add-on

Before we start digging and exploring what each section of the MYRIAD add-on has to offer, we’d like to mention a few important features that set it apart from other multi-source scraping add-ons available on Kodi.

  • MYRIAD has categories and playlists from IMDB, the Internet Movie Database and optionally Movie25. Most other add-ons use The Movie Database (TMDB) instead. Lately, the  TMDB API appears to have had many issues affecting its operation.
  • MYRIAD uses, among others, the Alluc scraper. Alluc is a free scraper that normally requires registration but MYRIAD has an integrated Alluc key that will let you access it without having to register
  • The Icefilms free scraper is also used by MYRIAD. It is one of the most popular places for streaming on the internet
  • Finally, MYRIAD has some specialty IMDB category playlists. We’ll tell you more about them when we have a closer look at the add-on.

How to Use the MYRIAD Add-on

No matter where you find a movie or TV show you want to watch within MYRIAD, clicking it will launch the DandyScrapers.


This is another add-on that was automatically installed alongside MYRIAD. The DandyScrapers add-on will scrape most sites that host movies in real time and return a list of all the different sources it has found.

Sraping Results

In the case of recent movies or TV shows, there could be lots of them, sometimes more than a hundred, as you can see in the example above. The list represents all the sources for the specified title that we’re found by the DandyScrapers.

They are sorted in descending order of quality, with the 1080p at the top. If you want the best quality, click the first selection. Some people might prefer to use a lower-quality source in order to save some bandwidth.

Some selections will pop up a message box requiring to pair your computer with their server. It is the case, for example, with Openload sources. You can either follow the pairing instructions in the popup message or simply click Cancel and try the next selection.

You might find a number of selections that don’t work or that return an error message. This is perfectly normal and is not a sign that the add-on is defective. It’s just the way files on the Internet come and go on an almost hourly basis. This is why the live scraping is such a great feature. But even live scraping has limitations, hence a certain number of dead links. When you hit one of them, just click the next one down the list.

The MYRIAD Main Menu

The MYRIAD main menu is quite complete. Looking at it gives you a glimpse of all that’s available.

MYRIAD Main Menu

Let’s have a closer look at what each section has in store for us.


This section contains several IMDB lists. They are lists generated by IMDB based on different selection and sorting criteria.

MYRIAD Movies Menu

Here’s a rundown of the different lists available.

IMDB Now Playing lists movies that are still showing in theaters. It’s a great place to find recent films. Unfortunately, the quality often leaves to be desired. With most of these films not yet released on DVD, Blue Ray or other digital formats, a lot of the selections were actually made by someone in a movie theater filming the screen with some HD camera.

The next category, IMDB Box Office lists movies sorted by their overall box office results. There’s also the IMDB Box Office by Year and IMDB Box Office by Decade. They’re similar to the first one but limit their results to a specific year or decade.

The next two sections IMDB Top 250 and IMDB Highest Rated as well as the IMDB All Time Top Movies section are all different lists of popular movies.

IMDB Kids Zone, IMDB Oscar Winners, and IMBD by Genre are all self-explanatory subsections. There’s also an obvious Search IMDB for a Movie option.

Latest Movie Releases

This section is simply a list some 50 or so of the most recently released movies. They are presented in chronological order with the most recent movies at the top.

MYRIAD Latest Releases

Movie Search

This option simply opens a text box where you can enter a movie title and it will search the whole add-on for a match. The search term does not have to be a complete title, though. if you enter just a word or a few words, it will find all matches containing the search term.

The best thing about this search feature is its speed. It is one of the fastest search engines we’ve seen in a Kodi add-on.

TV Shows

Along with the Movies section, this one is one of the add-on’s primary sections. And here’s what it contains.


TV Shows Popular is just that, a list of the most popular TV shows. They are sorted in descending order of popularity.

Most voted is another list of popular shows but whereas the previous seems to have shows that are currently airing, this one is an all-time popular shows list, with older selections such as Breaking Bad and Friends showing up near the top of the list due to their popularity. Similarly, Highest Rated and All Time Shows are two more slightly different popular shows lists.

TV  Release date lists TV shows in chronological order with the most recent ones at the top.

The next two sections Shows By Year and Shows By Decade are just like their movie counterparts. While the Shows by Genre section allows you to only shows of a specific genre.

Next comes A to Z Shows, which lists the TV shows in alphabetical order. Last but not least is the Search for a Show section which is identical to the Search for a Movie section mentioned before.

TV Shows Search

This section is identical to the Movie Search section except that it finds results amongst the add-on’s TV shows rather than its movies. Other than that, there is no difference.

IMDB Playlists

The next two sections off of MYRIAD’s main menu IMDB Movie Playlists and IMDB TV Show Playlists each offer over a dozen different playlists of various nature. Some may appeal to you, others might not.

Here’s what the movies section look like.

MYRIAD IMDB Movie Playlist

And similarly, here’s what the TV shows section is like.


The last section, Your IMDB Playlists, can be configured to display your own personal selection of IMBD playlists. more about that in just a moment.

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Some MYRIAD Settings you May Want to Adjust

There are a few settings of the MYRIAD add-on that you might want to adjust to improve your user experience. They are accessed by selecting the MYRIAD icon from the Kodi video add-ons screen and hitting the “C “key on your keyboard or the context menu button on your remote control and clicking Settings.

MYRIAD Settings

The first settings tab, Auto-View Settings has an Enable Movie Meta switch. When turned on, it will add additional movie metadata such as plot, actor, year, etc. to search results. Another interesting switch is the Enable Movie25 Indexer. When enabled, it adds another entry in the main menu called Movies25 which contains a dozen more movie categories and playlists from Movie25 in addition to the usual IMDB content

The second tab, IMDB User Lists is where you’ll go to configure the personal IMDB playlists mentioned before. As for the last tab, Tool, it has some useful tools for advanced users.


Overall, MYRIAD is a great little add-on. Both its movies and TV shows selections are amazingly complete and chances are good you’ll find pretty much any content you fancy. And when you find content, you’ll absolutely love the impressive number of sources it will find for it. Add to that a super fast search engine and you’ve got something close to a cord cutter’s dream come true.

Are you a MYRIAD User? What are your favorite features? Have you had any issues with installing or using it? We love to hear our reader’s opinions. Please, share your comments with us below.

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