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Worried Why Roku Remote Is Not Working? Try 5 Best Fixes Now

Roku streaming players like Roku Express and Roku Express 4K+ transform a compatible dumb TV into a smart TV. Hence, you can effortlessly stream content online from modern apps like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, etc.

Your Roku device comes with a free and stylish Roku remote that helps you operate your TV hands-free. However, if this Roku remote is not working, you might need to resort to the Roku mobile app or reach the TV physically to change content. Beat these inconveniences by trying the following fixes at home.

An example of Roku remote is not working

1. Resolve HDMI Interference

One of the most common issues behind your Roku remote is not working is the HDMI port and cable interference. It is highly probable for Roku streaming sticks that directly connect to the HDMI port of a TV set.

When there are multiple HDMI ports, and all are in use, it is highly likely that the interference is the cause. Remove all the use HDMI cables and only keep the Roku device connected. If the issue resolves, you need to order an HDMI extender for your Roku for free by filling up the Free HDMI Extender form of Roku.

2. Inspect the Remote Batteries

First off, open the remote battery chamber to check if the batteries are placed correctly or not. If they look properly installed and the Roku remote is not working, try replacing the batteries with new ones.

Other than Roku Simple Remote devices, all other remotes consume more energy since they use the Bluetooth signal for communication.

3. Perform a Power Drain

To do a power drain of the Roku remote, simply remove the batteries if the gadget comes with removable batteries. Now, hold any of the remote buttons for up to 30 seconds.

You can now install the batteries by following the instructions mentioned on the battery chamber. Try to operate the Roku streaming player with the remote, and the issue should be fixed.

4. Maintain a Clear Line of Sight

Roku Simple Remotes need a clear line of sight for error-free operation. Thus, remove any signal blocking objects standing between the Roku streaming player and the Roku remote. Now, test the remote again.

You can skip this method if you have Roku Voice Remote Pro or Roku Voice Remote.

5. Re-Pair Roku With Its Remote

You might want to try re-pairing the remote and streaming player if you are experiencing issues with advanced Roku remotes. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Pull the power cable of the Roku streaming player.
  • Pull out the batteries from the Roku remote.
  • Now, plug in the Roku player with its power source.
  • Re-install the batteries in the Roku remote when you see the Roku home screen.
  • Press the reset button located below the battery chamber and hold that down for more than 5 seconds.
  • If the pairing light starts flashing, you’ve paired the remote successfully.

Final Words

You can perform the troubleshooting steps in the order they appear to save time and effort. If all the above-mentioned fixes fail, then it looks like you need to get a replacement remote when the out-of-the-box Roku remote is not working.

You may also want to get one of the best VPNs for Roku to protect your privacy while streaming content online. Also, using a VPN will give you access to geo-restricted content on your Roku streaming player.

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