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What Does GTG Mean and When to Use It in Online Conversation

Has it ever happened to you that you’re chatting with someone, and they leave the chat after typing gtg?

If you’re new to online text communication, you might feel surprised at this situation and wonder why they leave without saying goodbye and ended the conversation abruptly with gtg.

However, a pro user won’t, because they know what does gtg mean. And you don’t have to worry either. After reading this blog, you’ll learn its meaning and when to use this acronym. Also, we’ll share how to use it to get away quickly from a conversation.

what does gtg meanWhat Does GTG Mean and When to Use It?

When someone uses gtg in an online conversation or chat, it means “Got to go.” One of its less common variants is “going to go.” The origin of gtg dates back to the 1990s when online chatrooms were thriving, long before many other internet slang phrases originated.

There is no restriction in terms of the casing. Hence, you can use it in both uppercase and lowercase. Needless to say, the lowercase format gtg is more common as it’s used in chat.

People use gtg when they are talking to someone online and about to leave it. The reason for leaving could be different. You may have to leave the chat, need to go offline, or stop using the device altogether.

If you don’t want to use gtg, you can use synonymous slang such as “Gotta go” or “Have to run.” Additionally, when you don’t want to continue a conversation any longer, you can just type in gtg and leave the chat. It’s completely okay to leave a chat in this way; and even if it looks abrupt, it won’t look rude.

The reason is that gtg means you’ve a reason to leave the chat, such as finishing a school assignment or buying groceries. If you use a shared computer, maybe it’s time for your siblings to use it.

Besides chats, you can use this abbreviation in online gaming communities. Different multiplayer games consist of multiple individual quests. If you just finished one round and receive an invitation from your friend while you no longer want to continue, you can tell them gtg.

What Does GTG Mean Other Than “Got to Go?”

Remember that got to go isn’t the only thing you can refer to by gtg. GTG can also stand for “good to go.” It means something is ready to proceed.

For example, you’re a team leader, and your colleagues have created a presentation. After checking, if you see that it needs no changes, you can write GTG to them, meaning the presentation is good to go.

Also, when someone asks you if you’re ready to start video conferencing, you can write them GTG, which would mean you’re prepared to start the meeting.


Though gtg is a common abbreviation used in the chatroom or one-to-one online chats, newbies may not know what does gtg mean. That’s why this blog described the common and uncommon meanings of gtg. Following this guide, you can use it in the right situations.

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