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What Does FR Mean: Know the Meaning of the Acronym

SMS and texting facilities came with a character limitation, which gave birth to the texting language. In this language, commonly used words and phrases are converted into an acronym. These texting acronyms are equally popular in social media and online messaging apps as these same your time and effort. In this blog, we’ll discuss one such acronym. Read on to know what does fr mean.

what does fr meanThe Common Meaning of FR

In the common texting language or slang, fr means “for real.” This internet colloquial is used in direct messages. The aim of this acronym is to react to something unbelievable or to emphasize your point. In order to denote a more serious version, some people use its derivative acronym frfr, which refers to for real, for real.

Note: There are other acronyms that mean for real, such as FRL, FRILL, or 4RL.

In case you’re wondering whether to type this in lowercase or uppercase, well, both styles are valid and don’t change their meaning. However, as these are usually used in direct messaging, you’ll find people using the lowercase versions in most cases.

The Use of FR (For Real)

Now that you know what does fr mean, you might be willing to use it in your conversations with your friends. You can use it to mean that something you said earlier is true.

If you’re surprised, you can also use it to express shock. However, even when you’re using it as a question, there is no such obligation to use it with a question mark.

For example, you heard from someone that a friend of yours has won a scholarship from a reputed university. If you find it hard to believe, you can say “fr!” to the person who shared the news with you. To confirm that the news is true, that person might reply to you with the same online acronym, fr.

Now, if you share this news with your parents, you might include fr after the news, as you already know the statement might surprise them as well.

What Does FR Mean Apart From For Real

It might be possible that you’ve come across fr in a text or tweet and don’t find the above-mentioned meaning suitable according to that context. The reason is the existence of another meaning of fr which is the country France, or the language French. In fact, fr is being used as the acronym for France or French long before people started to use it in place of for real.

For example, you’re visiting a website that is in English or other languages. There is often a language selector located on the header of the website. There, you’ll find the option FR next to a French flag. Selecting this option will take you to a French version of that website.

Conclusion Words

In this blog, you’ve learned what does fr mean. Besides telling you the most commonly used meaning, we’ve also focused on its other usages. Using the explanation provided here, you can use the acronym fr in the appropriate context.

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