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Protect Your iPhone in Style with These Solid MagSafe Cases

MagSafe is a magnetic technology developed by Apple for its devices, primarily iPhones. It allows for easy and secure attachment of accessories like chargers and cases. Follow along as we cover why you might want a MagSafe case and a list of our favorites.

what is a magsafe case

Understand MagSafe Tech: Really Innovative and User-friendly

MagSafe technology, pioneered by Apple, was first introduced in 2006 with the release of the MacBook Pro laptops. It utilizes magnets integrated into the device and accessories to create a secure and reliable connection. Originally designed to improve the safety and convenience of charging laptops, MagSafe quickly became synonymous with Apple’s commitment to user-friendly technology.

In its latest iteration for iPhones, MagSafe was reintroduced in 2020 with the iPhone 12 series. The technology leverages an array of magnets aligned around the wireless charging coil in iPhones, facilitating easy attachment and alignment with compatible accessories like MagSafe chargers and cases. The magnets ensure precise alignment for optimal charging efficiency, supporting fast wireless charging up to 15 watts.

Beyond charging, MagSafe opens up a new ecosystem of accessories, including magnetic wallets, mounts, and even photography-related tools like a MagSafe-compatible tripod mount.

What Is a MagSafe Case?

While a protective case has become an essential accessory to retain the functionality and integrity of an iPhone, conventional cases may not support a smooth connection with MagSafe accessories. For this reason, Apple and some third-party retailers introduced MagSafe compatible cases. These cases are known as MagSafe cases.

These cases have magnets attached to their back. As a result, iPhone users can snap directly onto a MagSafe case and securely connect with external accessories like the wireless charger.

Apple offers a line of colorful MagSafe cases that suits your personality. These cases are made of leather and silicone, and hence, are lightweight and effective.

Top Reasons Why You Need a MagSafe Case

Using a MagSafe case for your iPhone offers more than just protection—it integrates seamlessly with MagSafe accessories for awesome convenience.

Here are the benefits:

  • Secure attachment: The built-in magnets ensure your MagSafe accessories, like chargers and wallets, snap securely into place. This reduces the risk of accessories slipping off accidentally.
  • Optimal charging: MagSafe cases are designed to align perfectly with MagSafe chargers for efficient wireless charging without the need to repeatedly adjust the position.
  • Accessory compatibility: With a MagSafe case, you can use a variety of MagSafe-compatible accessories, such as car mounts and stands, which easily snap onto your iPhone.
  • Slim profile: MagSafe cases provide protection without adding bulk to your device.
  • Enhanced functionality: Accessories like MagSafe wallets can be attached directly to your case, offering a streamlined way to carry cards or cash without the need for an additional wallet.
  • Easy installation and removal: MagSafe cases attach and detach effortlessly, so it’s a cinch to change cases or clean your device.
  • Apple integration: As an Apple-designed accessory, MagSafe cases are obviously optimized to work super well with future MagSafe innovations, ensuring long-term compatibility and performance.

Accessories to Use with a MagSafe Case

These accessories leverage the magnetic alignment of MagSafe technology to cater to various needs, from charging and navigation in the car to hands-free use at home or on the go:


This is a magnetic wireless charger specifically designed for MagSafe-enabled iPhones. It attaches magnetically to the back of your iPhone and supports fast charging up to 15 watts, making it ideal for quickly topping up your device without the hassle of cables.


A magnetic wallet that attaches securely to the back of your iPhone allows you to carry cards or cash conveniently without the need for a separate wallet. Some models also offer RFID protection for added security.

MagSafe Wallet

Car Mount

This magnetic mount is designed to attach to your car’s dashboard or air vent. It holds your iPhone securely in place while driving, so it’s far easier for navigation and hands-free calling than holding your phone, and ensures the iPhone remains stable and visible for safe driving.

MagSafe Car Mount

Battery Pack

An external battery pack attaches to the back of your MagSafe iPhone to provide additional power on the go without cables. MagSafe battery packs are compact and lightweight, a great portable solution to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Phone Stand

A magnetic stand that holds your iPhone upright for hands-free viewing or video calls is ideal for watching videos, following recipes in the kitchen, or participating in video conferences. The stand provides a stable base and adjustable viewing angles.

Tripod Mount

This is useful for stable photography and videography. It’s a magnetic mount that lets you attach your iPhone securely to a tripod to make sure it stays in place while capturing shots. MagSafe tripod mounts are compatible with standard tripods and offer flexibility in positioning your device.

Desk Mount

This accessory attaches to your desk or nightstand. It provides a stable base for your iPhone while it charges wirelessly, and keeps your device easily accessible and eliminates the hassle of tangled cords. Desk mounts are often adjustable for changing up the viewing angles and supporting ergonomic positioning.

Protective Case

While not an accessory per se, a MagSafe-compatible protective case enhances the functionality of these accessories by providing a secure attachment point for magnetic connections. Accessories stay firmly attached to your phone.

Explore the Best MagSafe Cases for Stylish Device Protection

We spent some time researching over a dozen MagSafe cases and whittled it down to the top five, most of which are compatible with the latest iPhones:

  • Best Overall – OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES: This case offers a perfect balance of protection and style. It’s thin and built with raised edges to protect the camera and screen from drops and bumps. It’s compatible with iPhone 15, iPhone 14, and iPhone 13, and comes in over 20 styles.
  • Best Budget CaseSmartish Gripmunk MagSafe Case: This one is a great option for those who are looking for a MagSafe case at a lower price point. It’s made of a soft-touch microfiber material that provides a good grip, and is said to have been dropped 50 times from 6 feet above concrete.
  • Best Clear CaseZAGG Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap MagSafe Case: If you want a case that shows off the design of your iPhone, this clear case is a great option. It’s made of a scratch-resistant material and has built-in D3O Bio for impact protection.
  • Best Leather CaseBelemay Leather MagSafe Case: This case is made from high-quality leather that looks and feels great. It has a soft microfiber lining to protect your iPhone, and it has built-in magnets for MagSafe compatibility.
  • Best Protective CaseCASETiFY Bounce MagSafe Case: For a case that is nearly guaranteed to protect your phone from even abnormal falls, you can’t go wrong with CASETiFY. Like most cases, the bezels are raised for protection. What’s unique here is the claim that it has been drop-tested as high as 21 feet!

Why This Product Stands Out Among the Rest

This unique tech (introduced by Apple) transforms the way you use your iPhone when it comes to transporting it and wireless charging. Expect more from a MagSafe case – there’s a level of compatibility, strength, and functionality that’s missing from traditional phone cases (lacking their unique magnets). Not only is it easy to attach to other MagSafe accessories, you’ll also have a sleek case that offers robust protection.

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