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What Is MagSafe Case for the Latest iPhones? Best Tips and Tricks

Did you just unbox your latest iPhone 13 and discovered an instruction that you can only use Magsafe cases with it? Do not worry! We’ll help you understand what is MagSafe case.

Additionally, you’ll come to know the technology behind MagSafe wireless charging and the benefits of a MagSafe case for your iPhone 12 or later devices.

What Is MagSafe Case for the Latest iPhones Best Tips and Tricks

What Is MagSafe Case for iPhone?

The first appearance of the MagSafe technology was with the launch of the 2006 MacBook Pro. It had a magnetic charging slot that conveniently attaches the compatible MacBook charger with the device.

Also, with a simple pull, you can detach the charger. It reduced damages to the charger port and charging cable. Though Apple phased out this technology from MacBook devices, it reinforced the technology and relaunched it with all the latest iPhone 12 and later devices.

It enables iPhone 12 and newer devices to charge wirelessly using a MagSafe charger. However, if you use an iPhone case to provide additional protection to the device, that might interfere with the wireless charging technology. Hence, the latest iPhone case manufacturers make the case according to Apple’s guidelines: 

  • Not more than 2 mm thick cases
  • There’s a magnet or metallic ring embedded within the MagSafe cases 

The metallic ring guides the built-in MagSafe coil to perfectly sit within the MagSafe cases. Also, when you put the device for wireless charging, the embedded metal or magnet of the case automatically fixes the device on the right spot on a MagSafe charge for efficient charging.

What Is MagSafe Case an example

The Construction of MagSafe Tech

If you’re wondering what is MagSafe case and its utility, first you need to go through the technical background of the MagSafe technology. 

The MagSafe technology is an advancement over the QI wireless charging system of the MacBook Pro. These design and technology upgrades are:

  • The far most internal part is a copper-graphite shield
  • Then, there is a magnet array consisting of a peripheral magnetic ring covering a circular magnetic plate
  • Between the magnetic array and QI charging coil, there is an alignment magnet as well
  • QI charging coil is at the center of the whole design
  • Above the QI charging coil, there’s a polycarbonate housing
  • The polycarbonate housing helps to accommodate the outer part of the MagSafe hardware, the e-shield  

What Is MagSafe Case? The Benefits

  • Wireless charging works on the basis of induction heating. The appropriate positioning of the phone is necessary for efficient charging. The MagSafe case enables you to properly place the phone on the wireless charger.
  • MagSafe chargers charge your devices @15 watt and is hence considered fast charging. Thus, MagSafe cases come with the proper plastic material and thickness to allow fast charging.
  • Several shields and electronic filters around the QI charging coil of the MagSafe technology protect the entire device from any harmful effects of wireless charging.
  • MagSafe cases securely fix the phone on the wireless charger to let you use the phone while charging.    

Final Words

The above article should have clearly answered your Google search query of “what is Magsafe case?” MagSafe cases are just Apple-certified third-party iPhone 12 and later phone cases that enable you to use the MagSafe wireless charging seamlessly.

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