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How To Fix Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error

CWireless charging (or Inductive Charging) is not a recent phenomenon. In fact, some electric tooth brushes have been using wireless charging since the early 90’s. Mobiles have had wireless charging capabilities since 2012, however it did not become popular until mobiles became capable of fast charging. Now, we can just place our fast charging capable phone on a wireless charging station and pick up a fully charged device in an hour. No hassle. Unless something goes wrong. Some Samsung devices (like the Galaxy Note 5) tend to randomly pause with the error “Wireless Charging Paused”. If you are seeing this error, here is what you can do:

1. Check If Fast Charging Is On

If, when you are charging your device and it does not fast charge, there are two things to check. Is fast charging turned on? To check Open the Settings app and go to Advanced Features > Accessories > Fast Charging.

 2. Check Cable

If the above solution does not fix the wireless charging paused problem then the most likely culprit is a faulty cable. Certain USB cables tend to malfunction to such a degree that they can recharge just fine but cannot transfer data. These types of cables are going to create a bottleneck on your device and it will not fast charge. Changing cables should restore fast charging. However, if you cannot immediately gain access to a new cable, simply turn off ‘Fast Charging’ and it should still retain normal function. Alternatively, connect to a PC and check if the cable works (the screen should say ‘Cable Charging’)

3. Fast Charging Turns On, But Pauses Immediately

When you put your phone down on the wireless charging surface, it says “fast charging” but immediately says “fast charging paused”. This is a common affliction with multiple possible culprits.

The first thing to check is for a faulty adapter. Plug in your phone and if it says “Cable Charging”, that means the wireless charger’s adapter is either not fast charging compatible, or is malfunctioning. In either scenario, the only solution is to purchase a new one. You can confirm this by using your phone’s own fast charger and that should resume normal charging.

If that fails, try the options below.

4. Phone Stops Charging When The Screen Turns Off

If, in case your phone stops charging when the screen locks, then you can stop your screen from turning off. Keep in mind, this will wear out your display fairly quickly. In order to do this, you will need access to developer options.

Go to Settings > About Phone (scroll to the end) > Software Information > Tap on Build Number 7 times to activate Developer Options.


Once you go back to Settings, you will see ‘Developer Options’ under ‘About phone’.

Enter Developer Options and switch them on. Heed the warning, do not go into anything you don’t understand.

Here, tap on ‘Stay Awake’. This will keep your screen powered while it is charging. This should prevent the device from pausing in Wireless Mode.

Note: If your phone is covered under warranty, you should be able to claim for the faulty product (be it the phone or the charging station).


  1. Was driving me crazy why my S20+ suddenly wouldn’t work on my Samsung wireless charger. After reading dozens of these I tried something kinda crazy…
    I went in under “more battery settings” and turned OFF “Fast charging”, “Super Fast Charging” AND “Fast wireless charging” and poof! I did NOT get the “charging paused” message that night and my phone was charged the next morning…

  2. After I wiped the dust off my wireless charger the pausing stopped and the phone was able to charge without interruption. Who Knew!?

  3. I’ve found it to be a cable problem. I have two identical 10 foot cables, one I have used for some time, the other a spare. Connected to the wireless Samsung charger, the used one constantly starts to charge then pauses. The new one works perfectly. None of the other fixes offered here made any difference.

  4. Menu choices on my Note 5 do not match the instructions. Cannot find a “Fast Charging” entry on this device. Deleted System Cache, did System Reboot, updated My Apps and Games. Still giving ‘Wireless Charging Paused” message, and unit is NOT charging. Any other ideas? This used to work PERFECTLY on this Tylt inductive charger, for the past year. Just recently started acting up in this manner. REALLY need to figure out why, as this is VERY distracting and makes messaging difficult as the WCP message dorks up the screen.

    • On your Note 5, go to Settings, Advanced Features, then tap Accessories to access that menu item. I would recommend a new charging cable, and not one with a thin wire. Generally, the thicker the wire, the conductors are heavier and can carry more current. Important for Fast Charging. Shorter charging cables also work better than long ones.

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