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How To Make Cortana Use Google Search In Chrome And Firefox

Cortana is one of the major features introduced in Windows 10 and as predicted, it is tied to Bing. Everyone knew Cortana would use Bing and Edge by default but we were optimistic that it would come with a customization tool that would let us use our browser and search engine of choice. Now that Windows 10 has been released, we realize the error of our ways. If you set a different browser as your default browser in Windows 10, Cortana will route all web searches to it but it will still use Bing. Here’s you can make Cortana use Google in Chrome and Firefox.

Update 1: Chrometana was briefly infected by malware. The developer posted about it on Reddit and has confirmed that the issue is now  resolved.

Update 2: You will need to install EdgeDeflector before you can send search queries from Cortana to your default browser.

Make Cortana Use Google Chrome (Or Firefox)

This one is simple and requires a bit of tweaking in the Settings app. Open the Settings app and click the System group of settings. Go to the Default Apps tab and scroll down to the web browser option, and select Chrome/Firefox.


Make Cortana Use Google Search In Chrome

In order to make Cortana use Google, you need an add-on or extension to redirect the search.

For Chrome, you need an extension called Chrometana. It redirects all Bing searches to Google, and flawlessly so. With Chrome set as your default web browser, and this extension installed in Chrome, Cortana will send searches to it, and all searches will be made on Google. For Firefox users, there is an add-on called Bing-Google that you can use to the same effect so long as you make sure you’ve set Firefox as your default browser first.


The logical question to ask is will it impact Cortana’s speed and the answer is No. During tests, the switch was absolutely flawless and without delays.

Update: We initially recommended a Chrome extension called bing2google but it has been pulled from the Chrome Web Store. In its place, we recommend using Chrometana. It works just as flawlessly as bing2google. Likewise, we’ve updated our recommendation for Firefox.

Install Chrometana From The Chrome Web Store (Extension has been removed as it no longer works).

Install Bing-Google For Firefox

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