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How to prolong an iPhone battery’s life

An iPhone’s battery will die eventually. Over time, it will retain less and less charge until it only lasts a few hours. There isn’t much you can do about this since that’s how batteries work. iOS 13 has a new feature that can help prolong an iPhone battery’s life. Here’s how it works.

Prolong iPhone battery life

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Battery. On the Battery screen, tap Battery Health. The Battery Health screen will have a switch called ‘Optimised battery charging’. Turn it on and iOS will charge the battery so that it lasts longer.

Optimized battery charging on iOS 13

If you’re wondering how this feature works, it does so by limiting how long your iPhone is charged to 100% and remains at 100%. It does this based on your usage. Basically, when you connect your iPhone to a power source, it won’t charge it past 80% or it will delay charging it past that point if it thinks the phone will be connected to a power source for an extended charging period.

Think of it like this; if you connect your iPhone to a power source early in the morning while you get ready for work, iOS 13 knows that the phone will eventually be disconnected in an hour or so when you head out (assuming the COVID-19 lock downs are over). In this case, it will charge the phone to 100% if it can in the given time.

In contrast to this, when you arrive or sit down to work on your desk and connect your phone to a power source, iOS 13 will be able to tell, based on past usage, that the iPhone will be connected to a power source for a long time. Based on this, it won’t allow the phone to charge past 80%. It will allow the charge to complete to 100% when it’s time for you to get up e.g., around 5 pm or 6 pm.

If you were to turn this feature off, your iPhone would charge to 100% within a few hours and remain on that percentage until you disconnect it. This tends to result in a poor battery life according to Apple.

Older iPhones

The feature is available on iOS 13 so all iPhone models that are able to update to it should have it. That said, older models have had their battery wear out to some extent so the results won’t be the same as those with a brand new iPhone. It is possible that if your phone is particularly old, you won’t benefit from the feature at all.

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