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What Does IKR Mean and When Can You Use It

If you use online messaging apps, you must’ve come across the term IKR. Imagine telling your friend about an experience you both shared, like the weather of the city you both live in. You’ve a high chance of getting IKR as a reply in such situations.

IKR is a part of online slang or internet language people use in one-on-one chats and social media. If you’re reading this blog, you might want to know, what does IKR mean? Read on to know its meaning, its origin, and what are the right situations to use it.

what does IKR meanWhat Does IKR Mean?

IKR is the abbreviation of the following phrase, “I know, right?” This rhetorical question indicates that the speaker agrees with the recently mentioned opinion or observation.

In most cases, people use this acronym as an alternative to “I know” or “Yes.” However, you can also use IKR to convey a sense of relief to someone that you also share the same thoughts or opinions about something.

The Origin of IKR

“I know, right?” is a colloquial phrase that people use since the 1990s. Though it’s related to “Valley girl” stereotype, it became popular after the release of the movie Mean Girl in 2004.

The first entry of IKR in the Urban Dictionary was in 2005. Here, its origin is recorded as a quote from Mean Girls. However, Google Trends says that this abbreviation started gaining serious popularity in 2009, and since then, it holds a steady place in our vocabulary.

Today, IKR has become a useful internet initialism that you use to denote you strongly agree with someone.

When to Use IKR?

You can use IKR whenever you’re about to say, “I know, right?” For example, when someone says, “I hate how people show off on Instagram,” you might reply, “IKR? That’s the reason I don’t have an Instagram account!”

Since it’s an internet language, you don’t have to worry about any grammar rules and alternative meanings related to IKR. You can write it in both uppercase and lowercase in online conversations and comments. There won’t be any changes in meaning.

However, you need to keep in mind that this acronym is a bit loaded. Don’t use it just when you agree with someone. It’s better to use it when you’re also relieved that they share the same opinion as you.

Tips on Using IKR like a Pro

If you want to prove yourself a pro in using internet language like IKR, you should follow these tips:

  • Use it as the reply only when you completely agree to a statement.
  • This is internet slang, so avoid using it in format situations or conversations.
  • Don’t use punctuation.
  • It would be great if you can add this emoji 😏 after the acronym.

Wrapping Up

IKR is a fairly common word used in texting or informal conversations. This blog provided answer to what does IKR mean along with discussing its origin and usage. Now that you know about the abbreviation in detail, you can use it in the right situations.

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