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What does LMK mean in Texting? Contextual Meaning and Usage of LMK

LMK stands for Let Me Know. It is one of the most common chat slang and abbreviations used in social media chats; just like NBD. You can use it in lower or upper case. LMK is appropriate in formal and casual conversation.

Look at this conversation:

A: Hey Mitch, are you home now?

B: No, I’m stuck in the traffic!

A: Oops, sorry about that. LMK when you arrive.

B: Sure

As you can see in the conversation above, when you use LMK, it implies that you and the person might have another chat in the future. Therefore, the speakers in this example will continue the conversation when the second speaker arrives home.

This is why LMK is best used in chat/online conversations. If the speakers were to be speaking physically, it would be awkward for speaker B to say “LMK when you arrive” instead of “Let me know.” 

When did people start using LMK?

It is impossible to exactly when the first LMK abbreviation was used in an online chat. What we do know, according to the Urban Dictionary, is that the earliest definition of LMK dates as far back as 2003. More so, the abbreviation has grown to become a popular internet slang as the digital communication world expands. Now you see it in SMS, instant messengers, chat rooms, and other social interaction channels. 

How to use LMK

If you’re thinking about the best ways to use LMK in texts, there are a few things you should know. First, you can either use LMK in the lower or uppercase; the meaning remains unchanged. 

Additionally, you can also use LMK to make your text sound non-confrontational. 

For example, instead of saying this in the email: “Hi Jane, I just shared the updated version of the design with you, get back to me about it.” 

You can say this: 

“Hi Jane, I just shared the updated version of the design with you. Please, LMK what you think”. 

Want to know how that sounds IRL? This DianaTrout GIF illustrates how to use LMK politely in chat:

Let Me Know Dianatrout GIF by YoungerTV - Find & Share on GIPHY

Source: Giphy

See how warm and polite that sounds? Well, it can sound either way too. In a real-life conversation, LMK can be used angrily. 

Let’s say you’re having a chat with someone who is keeping you hanging for the details; you can yell “Let Me Know!” in their face like Willow Smith (below), forcing them to reveal the details:

Willow Smith GIF by Red Table Talk - Find & Share on GIPHY

Source: Giphy

While LMK is quite appropriate in formal conversations, such as the email above, be careful not to misuse it. 

LMK might be acceptable in the email, but if you have used other abbreviations like NBDRN, and NTY in the same chat, the receiver might be put off and find your conversation inappropriate. 

Lastly, you can pair LMK with other abbreviations to amply the meaning. For example, saying LMK ASAP tells the receiver that their response is of high priority to you and should be treated urgently.

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Can LMK mean dirty?

Yes, LMK can mean dirty. 

While LMK is most used in informal conversation on social networks like Whatsapp and Instagram, it is rarely used to talk dirty. However, some LMK abbreviations can mean dirty. For example, LMK might also mean “Let’s Make Kids,” as in the case of a conversation between spouses. But such usage is an exception. Outside that, LMK generally means Let Me Know.

This is why it is essential to be sure you’re not using LMK out of context. As a rule of thumb, always read the room when using abbreviations. With GEN-z inventing new abbreviations faster than a dog with a bone, it is critical to know the appropriate usage. 

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