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3 Ways For Highlighting Text Field In Word 2010

Selecting the content falls into the most generic usage of word editors. Unlike others, Word 2010 provides numerous ways of selecting the content of document to make the editing much instant. Apart from general selection ways, i.e, using hot-keys. It also include several concealed ways of selecting content.

Orthodox Selection

You must have been acquaint with the old-school method of selecting the text. Using mouse pointer or by simply holding down Shift key then through cursor keys you can select the text in desired direction. This also gives you the simple way of selecting text horizontally.


The F8 Behavior

Most of Word users would be quite zapped with the F8 key behavior, as we generally don’t make a use of it but it gives an ultimate way to select the document content. It encompasses multiple behaviors based on the number of keystrokes.

Pressing it once would take you into this special selection behavior. Doing it for second time would select one complete word, third time would select the whole sentence, fourth time, it would select the whole paragraph, and the fifth time it would select the whole document. For quitting this behavior, you need to press Esc button.

Vertical Selection

This sort of selection could be very handy, especially when you have got to deal with the small anomalies that occur in the document vertically. It usually happens when you import code structure from some incompatible editor, which use different text compiler. For Vertical selection just hold-down the Alt key and start moving pointer in vertical direction to select the clutter.


If you have got any other interesting way of selecting content in Word document, let us know in the comments.


  1. Is there a hot key way to select a complete number, including decimals and commas?
    Hitting F8 twice only gets up to the decimal point. 3 times – you get the rest of the paragraph.

  2. On my Windows-7 (64-bit) system Word 2010 exhibits a strange behavior: Most of the time text CANNOT be selected by dragging the mouse pointer across text. However, holding down the Shift key and clicking again somewhere works, as does the F8 as well as the double and triple clicks. The strange behavior disappears intermittently, but I have not been able to figure out what turns it off. Any ideas?

  3. And more:

    – Ctrl + click in left margin selects all.

    – Triple click in left margin selects all.

    Please note this selects text not HIGHLIGHT. Highlighting is done with the Text Highlight Color button

  4. Why stop there? There are more:

    – Using CTRL-Click-Drag allows highlight multiple, incongruous sections within Word

    – Double-clicking a word highlights the entire word

    – Triple-clicking a words highlights the entire paragraph

    – Holding CTRL and a single click on a word highlights (attempt) the entire sentence

    – Holding SHIFT and a single click highlights from where the cursor is to where you have clicked

    – A single click in the left margin (when the arrow pointer is displayed) highlights the one line

    – A double click in the left margin highlights the entire paragraph


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