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5 Best MS Office Tips Of 2016

With 2016 at an end, we’re looking back at the best tips and tricks we reviewed. MS Office still remains one of the most popular productivity suite of apps. It’s so feature rich that you’d be surprised at how many features you don’t know about. Microsoft continues to add features on occasion to the apps in Office. It’s also flexible enough that existing features can be tweaked to make the apps more productive. Here are the five best MS Office tips we reviewed in 2016.

Create A Master Document And Add Sub-documents 

MS Word is possibly one of the most powerful word processors available in the market today. If your documentation needs are basic, you might never really learn about the more impressive features it has. If you ever have to work on a document with lots of other people, then document control will become necessary and creating a master document is the way to do it.

ms word 2016 merge doc

Find The Largest Slide In Your PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations can include a lot of rich content. This includes images, sound clips, and videos. You can link to content, you can link right to a YouTube video, or you can embed it. It all depends on what suits you and the circumstances of your presentation. If you need to keep the size of your presentation small enough to be sent over email (under 25MB), you might at times need to know which slide is bloating it. Here’s how.


Move Your MS Word Auto Recovery Folder To The Cloud

It’s always surprised me that an app like Photoshop doesn’t have an auto-save or an auto-recovery option. MS Office apps have both auto-save and auto-recovery which has saved many a research papers and reports from being lost. If you want to add an extra layer of reliability to these back-ups, you can move the auto-recovery folder to the cloud so that a copy always exists outside your own system.


Customize & Remove The Title Bar Background In MS Office 2016

This is a bit of a cosmetic change that Microsoft made to its apps with the 2016 version. Not everyone is a fan and you can turn it off.


Use A Rule To Add Undo Send To Outlook

Gmail has long had an undo send feature that recently came out of beta phase. Outlook, possibly one of the most widely used email clients for the desktop, doesn’t have this feature. You can add it with just a simple little Outlook rule.


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