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Access 2010: Use Zoom Box For Inserting Large Amount Of Data

Many a times while entering data into database tables, we need to enter a large amount of data in  single cell. Since Access 2010 table columns length has to be set first to view all the entries being written, you can use Zoom box instead to enter the data. Zoom box will be helpful especially when you need to insert large amount of data that cannot be displayed properly in control box.

To bring up zoom box, use Shift+F2 combination on keyboard. Now enter data into it without any hassle.


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  • Gad701

    Hi.  On my Compaq laptop pushing the F2 button, even in conjunction with Shift, just dims the screen.  Does anyone know a workaround for this?  Thanks.

  • frenchy

    you can’t copy or paste into the zoom box in Access 2010 unlike previously very annoying backward step