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Add Sender’s Email Address In Outlook 2010 Contacts

Sometimes we need to add contact information of a person whose contact information has not been added/updated into contacts. In this post we will look at adding a sender’s email address quickly into Outlook 2010 contacts.

Select the email from sender to view it in reading pane, right-click his/her email address and click Add to Outlook Contacts.


This will immediately bring up new contact window, allowing you to add any additional info about the sender.



  1. Sorry, this does not work for me. Right clicking on the sender’s address does NOT give me the option of adding it to my address book.

  2. Outlook 2013 – I right click on the sender’s email address. A pop-up comes up prompting me to add the contact. I click “ADD” – nothing happens. This sender is NOT in my address book at all and I only have ONE address book.

  3. In my version of 2010 I had to open the message and right click on the from email address and that opened a box that had the add to outlook contacts

  4. I was unable to add any information to the fields. The entire line would be highlighted, but I couldn’t add anything! 

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