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Assign Hotkeys To Perform Quick Actions In Outlook With Topalt Hotkeys

It becomes frustratingly tiring when same type of messages are to be sent to team members multiple times a day. If you’re using Outlook and want to reduce the time involved in composing messages with almost same context, you can choose to create templates in Outlook for most frequently used messages. However, using hotkeys for this very purpose can come extremely handy. Topalt Hotkeys is a small Outlook add-in which was primarily made to associate frequently used text with hotkeys, so users can insert them not only while composing emails but anywhere they want in Outlook, such as, in Notes, Journals, Calendar event detail. Additionally, it allows registering hotkeys for jumping between different Outlook folders and for sending desktop screenshots in a snap.

Once the add-in is installed, you will find it under Add-Ins tab. The usage is super easy. When you want to associate any of aforementioned action with a hotkey, click Topalt Hotkeys button. A dialog will appear, asking to first, register hotkey for an action. Make sure that you’re not registering a pre-defined hotkey to avoid conflicts. Once entered, click Add and from Action column, choose the action you want to perform upon using the hotkey combination. For both Insert text and Switch To Folder action, you need to enter the text and Outlook folder location respectively.

topalt hotkeys 3

Now when you use the specified shortcut key, it will perform the defined action. The most useful aspect of Topalt Hotkey is quickly entering pre-defined text. You can associate different salutation, enclosure, and reference text with hotkeys to instantly add them in your business letters, and create frequently used messages to be sent to different team members. There is no limit imposed on numbers of hotkey combination that can be assigned. It works on Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010.

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