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Bring Gmail Priority Inbox Features To Outlook 2010 / 2007 [Add-in]

Gmail Priority Inbox is, arguably, one of the best feature which filters out important emails from one huge inbox folder. Users looking for this feature in Outlook can tweak with its native features or create rules for implementing Gmail Priority Inbox-like filtration system on Inbox folder. Last year, we wrote a guide which explains how to mark important emails by using Outlook 2010 intrinsic conditional formatting feature. Today, we are reviewing an add-in called Priority Inbox for Outlook, which can mark important emails in order to organize them into customizable Outlook search folder. It uses an intuitive algorithm to identify important mails from your inbox and any other defined mail folder. According to the developer, it analyzes the pattern of past messages stored in your inbox folder to evaluate which sort of mails have more value to you. Depending upon the value, it categorizes mails in self-generated search folder called Priority Inbox.

Before installing the add-in, make sure that Outlook is not running in the background. After the installation is finished, open Outlook. You will see a newly added group called Priority Inbox in ribbon with 2 options – Important and Not Important. In main navigation bar, you can see new added search folder – Priority Inbox under Favorites category. To mark an important email, just select the email from the main window and click Important button on ribbon. It will mark the mail as important, and flag it with yellow color bar to visually differentiate important mail from others.

In Priority Inbox main window, you can see 3 sections, namely, Important and Unread, Flagged, and Everything else. These sections further categorizes emails present in priority inbox. Under Important and Unread section, it shows all those messages, having importance and not been read yet. Flagged sections simply comprises of all the flagged messages and, finally, Everything else contains least important mails.

Priority Inbox - 1

These sections help users in quickly find out the most significant mails from the inbox. Priority Inbox has certainly proved to be useful, smart, and powerful in terms of identifying important mails from Outlook mail folders. It is worth mentioning here that Priority Inbox add-in is in beta testing phase and available only for evaluation purposes. You can use it for free until its final release when it will be available for $19.95 (one time fee).

It supports both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

Download Priority Inbox


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