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Check For New Emails Without Launching Outlook With Outlook Notify

Outlook Notify is a minuscule application to notify user about new emails and unread emails for mail accounts configured in Outlook. It doesn’t require you to launch the Outlook nor does it use any Outlook instance to notify you about new emails, the only requirement is for the server to be properly configured to look for new emails. The application works only in presence of Exchange web services running on MS Exchange 2007 or 2010 with Outlook client configured already. Moreover, it offers support for Web Access, you can also enable the Web Access option to keep itself updated with new messages.

After the application is installed, you will find it in system tray. Running it for the first time prompts you to configure some basic server settings. According to the developer, the server address must be properly entered in order to use the application. Afterwards, specify mail check time Interval and username & password. If you’re intending to use Web Access then you will need to enter its URL address otherwise specify the path of Outlook folder. Once all settings are in place, click Save and check the connectivity status.

outlook 2

As long as status is connected, you will be notified about the latest emails. For the first time it will notify you about the unread mails in your mailbox and for every new email received it will show the sender name as well.


The application runs on Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It requires Exchange Services on MS Exchange 2007/2010 along with pre-configured Outlook client/Web Access.

Download Outlook Notify

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  • Daniel

    I’m also hoping to have an IMAP version released sometime next week as this one is purely for those with access to Exchange Web Services!


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