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CodeTwo Move & Delete: Get Alert On Moving A Folder In Outlook 2010

Since the advent of emails, many companies have come up with their own ideas to make the service more robust and advanced. Perhaps, it’s the sole reason that emails are not anymore used for the sake of sending text messages only, as there is a lot more to it now. In the arena of email clients that are available for Windows, Microsoft’s Outlook has earned a name of its own by taking care of pretty much everything that’s related to your email accounts, facilitating you to do and manage all your personal, work, and/or other email accounts under one umbrella. Although first released back in 1997, much has changed now since what was initially implemented with Microsoft’s latest and greatest Outlook 2010 – so many features have been packed into one package that it would be a fools way to call it just an email client. Apart from email management,  it takes care of your contacts, maange schedules and meetings, provide data backup options and what not. One of the beauties of Outlook is its plugins support, which further widen up this open ocean of features. If you’re continuously on the look for new plugins that take care of all your Outlook needs, then you’d definitely like the one we have for you today. If you work with a lot of folders in Microsoft Outlook, it can frequently happen that you unintentionally grab a folder, and drop it onto another folder while scrolling down the navigation pane. Well, you wouldn’t anymore, as CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that prevents this from happening. If you drag and drop one folder into another, or hit the Delete button, it gives you a warning and allows you to cancel or confirm the action. A pretty nifty way to provide an early heads-up.

To install the plugin, first off close Microsoft Outlook and simply run the plugin’s setup file. Once installed, whenever you drag and drop a folder onto another, you will receive a notification, asking you to permit moving the folder. Select Yes, move it to move the folder, and No, don’t move it if you accidentally copied the folder.

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

Click Settings to access the CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog Settings window. You can choose if you want to be prompted when a folder is moved, deleted, or at both instances.

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog - Settings

The plugin was tested with MS Outlook 2010.

Download CodeTwo Move & Delete Plugin

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